Murphy Beds

Selecting a murphy bed requires lots of decisions. From bed size to murphy bed orientation, there are many aspects of a murphy bed purchase to consider. At Cabinet Murphy Bed, we offer the widest selection of murphy bed brands, styles, and types to choose from.

Murphy beds offer a practical solution that works for even the smallest of spaces. Purchasing a murphy bed can help you to make the best use of your space, even for rooms with tricky dimensions. Before you purchase, learn more about each of the murphy bed varieties available.

Horizontal Vs. Vertical Murphy Beds

Traditional murphy beds or wall beds are anchored to the wall, dropping down vertically into a bed. When closed, traditional wall beds free up floor space allowing homeowners to use the space for another purpose.

Most murphy beds open vertically. However, for rooms with difficult dimensions, a horizontal murphy bed may fit more easily. For instance, Wall Bed King offers a murphy bed that opens sideways. For rooms with wide walls, this is often a better choice as they do not extend outward into the room.

Murphy Bed Types

Cabinet Murphy Beds

Unlike traditional murphy beds, cabinet murphy beds are free-standing. Move your cabinet murphy bed wherever you want! Within a beautifully designed cabinet, the mattress folds up and can be easily hidden.

Murphy Beds with Couches

Murphy beds with couches operate just like a traditional murphy bed with the addition of a sofa. When closed, a sofa is attached to the front side of the murphy bed. This option is great for rooms that cannot accommodate both a bed frame and seating.

Murphy Beds with Desks

Want to use a room as both a bedroom and an office? There are lots of options for murphy beds with desks with some great features. You’ll find some with USB outlets included, LED overhead lighting, and power cords.

Murphy Beds Sizes

Most murphy beds are either queen, full, or twin size. Options include:

Queen Murphy Beds

Queen murphy beds are by far the most popular size available, as they can comfortably sleep two people. As such, you’ll find the most selection in styles and finishes of Queen murphy beds. From modern to rustic to traditional, there’s a murphy bed for every type of decor and room design.

Full Murphy Beds

A full-size murphy bed can sleep either one or two people. This size murphy bed offers the most flexibility in terms of adding storage, desks, or couches to your murphy bed. For example, the Bestar Lumina collection includes options with or without an added desk.

Twin Murphy Beds

Twin murphy beds work exceptionally for small spaces that only need to sleep one person. For guest rooms or children’s bedrooms, twin murphy beds do the trick.

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