Wall Beds

Wall beds are a new and improved version of the murphy bed. Murphy beds have been a needed product for small houses, apartments, and guest rooms. They help save a lot of space, but the problem was that they stuck out in any room.

Recently, wall beds have been introduced to the market as a beautiful alternative to the traditional murphy bed. Instead of your bed sticking out in your room, you now have the option to upgrade to a wall bed.

Wall beds use a cabinet in front of the bed to make it look like just another piece of furniture in the room when the bed is closed. However, it quickly transforms into a comfortable bed.

Advantages of Wall Beds compared to Cabinet Murphy Beds

Choose your own Mattress

With cabinet beds, the mattress comes included with the sale. Cabinet murphy beds require a tri-fold mattress because it needs to fold into the bed. However, you won’t have that issue with a wall murphy bed.

Wall beds allow you to provide the mattress of your choice. Most hold up to at least a 12” mattress. If you or your guests are picky about the mattress they sleep on, a wall bed might be a better choice!

Wall Beds have more Variations

There are a lot of different finish and design variations with cabinet beds, however, there are not a lot of variations with how the bed is setup. When you purchase a wall bed, you may have some extra decisions to make.

For example, many have the option to include side storage, a desk, or even a couch! You will need to decide on what makes the most sense for your space.

Easier Cleanup and Setup

Cabinet beds fold up, which means you have to take the bedding off the bed. When it comes time to open the bed, you will have to put the bedding back on. This can be a pain!

Instead, wall beds allow you to always keep the bedding on the bed. If you’re a busy person this might save you a lot of hassle.

Higher Weight Capacity

Wall beds typically offer a much higher weight capacity than cabinet beds. Most hold up to 1,000 pounds. Every bed is different, so make sure to read about the weight capacity for an individual bed before purchasing.

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