Headboards serve as a decorative element that can instantly elevate the look and feel of a bedroom. They contribute to the overall design and theme of the space, making it more visually appealing and inviting. However, their importance goes beyond aesthetics.

Enhancing Bedroom Style

A well-chosen headboard can tie together all the elements in a bedroom and create a cohesive style. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or classic look, there is a headboard design that can complement your desired aesthetic. By selecting the right headboard, you can transform a plain bedroom into a stylish sanctuary.

Protecting Walls and Mattresses

Another crucial role of a headboard is to protect the walls from accidental damage. Without a headboard, the wall behind the bed may be susceptible to scuffs, marks, or even holes caused by the constant rubbing of the bed frame.

Additionally, headboards also act as a barrier between the bed and the wall, preventing pillows and cushions from falling behind the bed. They also serve as a protective layer between the mattress and the wall, reducing the chances of dirt or moisture accumulating.

Brands We Carry

We offer several headboards by some of the top furniture brands in the industry. Below, learn a bit more about the headboard brands we carry.


From open-arched style to solid wood, Atlantic Headboards offer durability and eco-friendly materials. These headboards are a great choice for shoppers looking for stylish headboards on a budget.

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is one of the most recognizable brand names in the furniture industry. Made with unbeatable warranties and unique styles, explore our full selection of Ashley Furniture headboards.


Want something different to enhance your bedroom space? Safavieh is the go-to brand for stylish and unique headboards, including rattan styles.

South Shore

South Shore’s products are both budget-friendly and practical, offering many options that additional storage space to your space. With many sizes to choose from, there’s a South Shore model style for every bed.

Other Headboards

Discover other top-rated styles from miscellaneous brands.

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Showing all 26 results