Night and Day Cabinet Beds

Night and Day has been in the furniture industry for over 15 years. They started off manufacturing bunk beds and futons and have since developed an entire line of furniture. It was not until 10 years ago when they started developing cabinet beds. They introduced two different functioning styles that changed the game for all of cabinet beds.

Night & Day’s headquarters is located on the western side of the USA in Vancouver, Washington. Because of the popularity of their products, they have been able to grow and now have three different warehouse across the country. They still have their main location in Washington as well as warehouses in California and North Carolina. This has helped them to speed up their transit times and ship murphy cabinet beds faster.

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Showing all 31 results

Night & Day was one of the first manufacturers to introduce cabinet beds. Murphy beds and wall beds were popular for people living in apartments, smaller homes, and for guest rooms. However, they were bulky, heavy, and took over an entire room.

Night & Day thought they could produce a better alternative, and they were right! Cabinet beds have become increasingly popular with their sleek designs that look like a beautiful piece of furniture. Most guests will not even know it is a bed until they open it up.

Their innovative Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed model offered a more affordable model without sacrificing the beautiful finish. Night & Day’s more expensive options include great features like USB modules, underneath storage drawers, and fold-up trays. These are just a couple reasons why Night & Day Murphy Cabinet Beds are the best-selling beds on the market.

What sets Night & Day Murphy Beds Apart from the Competition?

Night & Day Cabinet Murphy Beds are some of the most beautiful cabinet beds available. When looking for an explanation of why Night & Day is better than the competition, I think the design and quality of their beds is a good place to start. They started out with the Clover collection and have since expanded with five other collections. Each collection seems to be a hit because they offer their own unique style and finishes.

They are also the leader in upgraded features. While many other cabinet bed brands now have the USB module, Night & Day was one of the first to offer this nice feature. They are also the only cabinet bed, at this point, to have fold-up trays come standard with a large selection of their beds. The other feature that differentiates Night & Day from the rest of the cabinet bed world is their storage drawers.

Most of the other cabinet bed manufacturers include storage drawers with their selection, however, the storage drawers are unique with Night & Day. Instead of connecting to the bed, Night & Day’s storage drawers completely disconnect from the bed. This allows you to use the storage drawers while the bed is opened. With other cabinet bed manufacturers, the storage drawers are hidden while the bed is in use, only allowing you to utilize them while the bed is closed.

How Does Night & Day Pack and Ship their Beds?

  • Cube Model: The Cube Cabinet Beds ship in two boxes on a pallet. One box consists of the cabinet bed pieces, while the other box is the mattress. The mattress will come vacuum sealed. We recommend laying the mattress out flat for 24 hours to let it fully expand.
  • Clover, Daisy, Poppy & Sagebrush Models: These four Night & Day collections will ship similar to the Cube. The cabinet bed will be in one box, while the mattress will be in a separate box. These beds will ship on a pallet. Most companies are only offering curbside delivery. We recommend breaking down the box and carrying the pieces inside individually, especially if going up or down stairs.
  • Alpine Model: The Alpine model ships differently than all the other Night & Day beds. The Alpine comes with the mattress packaged inside the bed. While the other beds have two separate boxes for the bed and the mattress, the Alpine will ship with only one box.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Night & Day manufactures their cabinet murphy beds with Rubberwood logs. The Rubberwood logs come from the trees that are used to produce latex. The rubber plantations are managed through systematic planting and replanting programs.

When the trees economic life span is over, the tree is felled, and a new tree is planted. The cycle of replanting trees is around 25 years. If you would like to learn more about furniture made from rubber trees you can check out this article on rubber wood furniture.

Most Popular Night and Day Cabinet Beds

To date, Night and Day offers six different collections with a total of seventeen beds. They offer some of the most unique beds in the industry and have really done a nice with staying up to date with different styles. Whether you are looking for traditional, modern, farmhouse, or eclectic, Night and Day will be sure to have a model to fit your décor.

Night & Day Cube Cherry Cabinet Bed

The Cube Cherry Cabinet Bed is the most popular cabinet bed on the market. While it does not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive Night and Day beds, it provides a great space-saving bed for an affordable price. The bed has a beautiful cherry finish with dark grey handles. The handles are just for show and are not used to open or close the bed. Your guests will be in awe of this beautiful piece of furniture that doubles as a bed!

The Cube offers four different finishes including cherry, dark chocolate, stonewash, and white. The cherry finish has always been the most popular of the four. The Cube Cherry is the only one of the Cube Cabinet Beds to make the list.

Night & Day Poppy White Bark Cabinet Bed

The Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed is one of Night and Day’s newer models. Poppy Cabinet Beds comes in four beautiful finishes, however, the White Bark has become the favorite. It has a beautiful, whitewashed finish that gives it a rustic feel. The bed has black handles near the top of the bed (for show) and on the drawers. The White Bark Bed comes standard with the fold-up trays, storage drawers, and USB module. It is no surprise that the White Bark has become a top seller!

Night & Day Sagebrush Stonewash Cabinet Bed

The Sagebrush Murphy Cabinet Bed was one of the original Night & Day cabinet bed designs. It has withstood the test of time, as it is still one of the most popular cabinet beds today. Night & Day’s Sagebrush Stonewash has a simplistic, grey finish that is beloved by customers.

The Sagebrush comes with four silver colored handles. The two down below open the storage drawer, while the top two on the cabinet are for show. You can choose from two beautiful finishes in the stonewash and dark chocolate. The Sagebrush Dark Chocolate is a well bought bed, however, the Sagebrush Stonewash edges it out slightly in popularity.

Night & Day Clover Cherry Cabinet Bed

Night & Day’s Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed collection was the first set of cabinet beds that they offered and one of the first to ever hit the market. The cherry finish quickly became the top selling finish from the group. The Clover Cabinet Beds are unique in that they have knobs instead of handles. Just like with the other beds, the upper set of knobs are for show. The bottom set of knobs are used to pull out the underneath storage drawers. The knobs have the same cherry finish as the rest of the bed.

Night & Day Poppy Brushed Driftwood Cabinet Bed

The Brushed Driftwood Cabinet Bed has quickly become a top seller since being introduced to the market a couple years ago. While it has the same cool design of the other finishes in the Poppy Cabinet Bed collection, it is the only one of the four that is not whitewashed.

Instead, it features a washed out finish as if it were constructed of pieces of driftwood. It has become exceptionally popular with people looking to and an extra bed at their beach or lake house. This is definitely one of our favorite looking cabinet murphy beds and I would recommend it for just about any home. This is a truly eye-catching piece of furniture.

Which Beds include the Fold-Up Trays?

The fold-up trays are a popular feature that come with most Night & Day Cabinet Murphy Beds. They offer a place for you or your guests to place their phone while they are sleeping. They act as a mini nightstand! Customers ask a lot about which beds come with the fold-up trays and which ones do not, as it can be a little confusing. Below is a list of which collections include the trays, which collections the trays are optional, and which collections the trays are not available.

  • Cube Collection – The trays are not an option for the Cube collection.
  • Clover Collection – The trays are available with the Clover collection, however, there is an additional cost to include them with your order.
  • Daisy Collection – Same as the Clover collection. Optional add-on.
  • Sagebrush Collection – The trays come standard with both Sagebrush models.
  • Poppy Collection – The trays come standard with all four Poppy beds.