Loft Beds

These top brands offer a great selection of durable and high-quality loft beds. Explore our most trusted brands which provide the best value.


Acme Furniture offers many styles and finishes of furniture models, many of which feature contemporary styles. Whether shopping for an open-bottom loft bed or a loft bed with a workstation underneath, this brand has many styles to browse. This trusted furniture manufacturer also offers many other household furnishing products.


DHP Loft Beds offer open and airy designs, ideal for making rooms seem more spacious. Unlike other brands that offer wooden beds, DHP constructs each bed using sturdy metal. Not only does the metal construction of these beds add durability, but it creates a modern look that won’t go out of style.

Donco Kids

Known for its kid-friendly furniture offerings, Donco Kids Loft Beds feature innovative designs. Options such as the house-themed low loft bed make it easy to bring life to your child’s imagination.

This brand offers supportive customer service, available to answer any questions you may have about its products.


Dorel Loft Beds are a smart choice for easy-to-assemble furniture. Each loft bed comes with detailed instructions from the manufacturer. Even better, this brand has a great selection when it comes to finishes and size varieties.


Jackpot Loft Beds have a unique look, with fun colors and themes for children’s bedrooms. From princess to castle themes, these beds create a fun play space in addition to offering sleeping space.

Max & Lily

Max & Lily is a popular loft bed manufacturer for children’s furniture. Using high-quality New Zealand pine for each model, these durable beds add style and flair to your kid’s bedroom.

Even better, Max & Lily has the most extensive product selection of children’s furniture, all backed with great customer service and warranties.

Other Loft Beds

Explore more of our selections, made by other manufacturers than those listed above.

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