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Murphy Bed with Couch

The Best 3 Murphy Bed with Couch Options for 2023

Do you have a tiny room that seems impossible to furnish? Tight spaces, such as studio apartments or dens, can be difficult to work with. Luckily, there are space-saving furniture solutions that can help you make the most of your room. Murphy beds with couches quickly transition from a sleeping solution into a sofa to lounge on.

When purchasing a Murphy bed with a couch, shoppers have much to consider. Beyond style, it’s important to select a Murphy bed with a comfortable and supportive slat system. The slat system helps support the mattress, impacting your quality of sleep.

Furthermore, the quality of the sofa cushions is another factor worth considering. Looking for the most durable and comfortable Murphy bed with couches? Read more about the top 3 Murphy bed with couch options available on the market.

Top-Rated Murphy Beds with Couches

These top-rated Murphy beds with sofas offer durability, quality, and style. Who says you have to pick between adding a bed or a sofa to your room?

1. Bestar Edge Queen Murphy Bed with Sofa

Known for some of the highest quality Murphy beds available, Bestar’s Edge Queen Murphy Bed with Sofa delivers functionality and durability. This practical Murphy bed couch combo features a modern 9-paneled design and a comfortable sofa when closed. When opened, the bed uses flexible slats to support a standard Queen mattress.

The contrast of the white finish of the Murphy bed with the dark fabric of the couch creates a sophisticated and stylish look, perfect for modern tastes. Using a dual-piston folding system, the bed can go back and forth to the couch in only a minute! If you don’t have room for both a bed and a sofa in your room, this duo is exactly what you need.

Top Features

    • No Box Spring Needed

    • Dual-Piston folding system for easy opening and closing

    • Can support up to 1000 pounds

    • Modern shaker-inspired trim

    • Sleek metal handles


2. Bestar Versatile Queen Murphy Bed with Couch

If you’re having trouble fitting both a sofa and bed in your space, chances are you’re short on storage space too. If so, the Bestar Versatile Queen Murphy Bed with sofa is the perfect solution. This murphy bed couch combo features an adjacent shelving unit, perfect for storing items or displaying decor. To transform this space-saving bed, simply fold out the bed, remove the cushions, and lower the piston system.

The Bestar Versatile Queen Murphy Bed allows you to utilize any room as both a bedroom and a living room. Each seat cushion of the comfortable sofa is 7.9″ thick with heavy-duty support and backing. In addition to comfort, shoppers will find this pre-assembled murphy bed with sofa included with clear installation directions. Bestar offers a 12-month limited warranty on the purchase of this bed.

Top Features

    • Sleek white finish

    • Stylish metal hardware

    • 12-month limited warranty

    • Storage shelving and

    • Use your existing queen mattress

3. Bestar Nebula Queen Murphy Bed with Couch

The Bestar Nebula Queen Murphy Bed with Couch is the murphy bed for individuals who like simplicity. This queen murphy bed sofa combo features a clean white finish with sleek metal handles. No matter what the style or color scheme of your room is, this bed will blend seamlessly. In addition to helping you reinvent your tight spice, you’ll get the best night’s sleep on the Nebula murphy bed with sofa. Of course, this is thanks to Bestar’s special Euroslat mattress foundation support system.

If used in a guest room, this murphy bed with couch can comfortably sleep two people, making great use of your space. When guests aren’t visiting, simply close the murphy bed to utilize the comfortable sofa for lounging.

Top Features

    • Clean, simple design

    • Attractive white finish

    • Easy to open and close

    • Ships pre-assembled

Best of Both Worlds: Murphy Bed Couch Combo

With functional furniture such as a murphy bed couch combo, you’ll make the most of your limited space and get the best of both worlds. During the day, utilize your room as an enjoyable lounge or TV space. At night, simply unfold the murphy bed into a standard queen bed for sleeping. You won’t even need to remove the bedding in order to open and close! We’re confident you’ll be glad you made the decision to purchase one of these murphy beds with couches.

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