EMurphyBed Cabinet Beds

EMurphyBed has only been around for a couple years but has quickly come on as one of the top cabinet bed sellers. Unlike most other cabinet bed manufacturers, EMurphyBeds focuses solely on their cabinet murphy bed line (Arason is the only other manufacturer that strictly sells cabinet beds and accessories).

EMurphyBed has a warehouse in Paterson, New Jersey. Paterson, New Jersey is located on the border of New Jersey and New York, just outside of New York City. Most of their beds ship directly from this warehouse.

Most Popular EMurphyBed Cabinet Beds

Daily Delight Murphy Bed

The Daily Delight Murphy Bed is the first bed introduced by EMurphyBed and is also their most popular. The bed features a simplistic design and has most of the “extra” features that have become popular in the cabinet murphy bed industry.

These features include underneath storage drawers and a USB module. Unfortunately, the Daily Delight does not include, nor have an option, for fold-up trays. However, the bed makes up for it with its style and durability.

There are a few different options you must consider when purchasing the Daily Delight. The first option is the size of the bed. While most cabinet bed collections come in only a queen size, the Daily Delight gives you the opportunity to choose between a queen and a twin XL size. A twin XL murphy bed is the perfect solution for single sleepers. The queen size will comfortably sleep two guests. The bed is available in a cherry, java, or white finish.

Paradiseo Murphy Bed

EMurphyBed recently came out with their 2nd murphy collection with the Paradiseo Murphy Bed. The Paradiseo collection differentiates itself from the Daily Delight in that it has a less subtle design. Its design is meant to look like four different cabinet. While the Daily Delight includes silver handles to open and close the underneath storage drawers, the Paradiseo Murphy Bed features knobs that match the color of the bed. Guests will love the beautiful design of the Paradiseo Bed.

Currently, the bed has two finishes available (the collection is new creating the potential for the unveiling of other finishes). Your options include a cherry finish and a tobacco finish. The Paradiseo includes the same bells and whistles that the Daily Delight offers.

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Advantages of the EMurphyBed Compared to other Murphy Beds:

  • Ability to Upgrade to an 8” Mattress – The EMurphyBed has enough space to store an 8” mattress when the bed is closed. The murphy beds come standard with a 6” mattress, however, you can upgrade to an 8” mattress. Most other cabinet beds do not have the storage space to fit more than a 6” thick mattress. The upgraded mattress option is currently only available with the Daily Delight collection. However, we expect the Paradiseo to have this option in the near future.
  • Twin-Sized Option Available – Only the Daily Delight Murphy Bed is available in a twin XL size. Currently, the Paradiseo model is only available in a queen size. While the queen size is by far the most popular option, the twin XL offers a great solution for customers with a little less space to work with.
  • Heavy-Duty Beds – EMurphyBeds built their murphy beds to be strong and durable. They use high-quality rubberwood to build their beds. Their beds come with a reinforced slat frame. You can sleep easy knowing that your EMurphyBed is built to last!
  • Easy Opening & Closing Mechanism – The Daily Delight and Paradiseo only take five easy steps to open into a bed. Every piece remains connected to the bed, making it easy to quickly open and close the bed.
  • Includes USB Module – Each bed comes with a USB module that has two USB plugins and two outlets. The USB modules make it easy for guests to plug in a phone or setup a light on a nearby nightstand.
  • Large Storage Drawers – The storage drawers are located underneath the bed and are used as part of the process of opening and closing the bed. The storage drawers are large enough to fit the bedding and pillows.

Disadvantages Compared to other Murphy Beds:

  • No Warranty – EMurphyBed currently does not offer a warranty on their beds or the mattress that goes along with it. Other manufacturers offer up to a 10-year limited warranty on their products against manufacturer defects.
  • Limited Design Options – EMurphyBed is a new company as they have only been in a business for a couple years. They have introduced two different collections of murphy beds to the market including the Daily Delight and the Paradiseo. While both collections offer a few variations, it is a small list of design options to choose from. We fully expect EMurphyBed to roll out new models as they become more popular.
  • Limited Color Options – The limited color options goes hand in hand with the limited design options. EMurphyBed’s Daily Delight collection is available in three color options: cherry, java, and white. The Paradiseo collection is only available in two color options: cherry and tobacco. As EMurphyBed rolls out new collections, they will most likely offer a new set of color options.
  • More Expensive – You will be paying a pretty penny for an EMurphyBed. Their less expensive murphy bed option (the Daily Delight) is still a couple hundred extra dollars than competing beds. Everyone has heard the saying “you get what you paid for”. This saying holds true for EMurphyBed. You are paying for a high-quality bed with a high-quality mattress, making the bed worth every penny!

About the Mattress

EMurphyBed is unique in that they offer two different mattress height options. As discussed above, most other cabinet bed manufacturers only offer a 6” mattress because anything larger will not fit in the cabinet. A thicker mattress offers enhanced comfort and support. You will pay extra for the thicker mattress, but it may be worthwhile. Especially, if you or your guests will be using the bed frequently.

Every EMurphyBed comes with a gel infused memory foam trifold mattress. The standard 6” mattress has 4.5” of a medium-firm polyurethane supportive base foam. The remain 1.5” of the mattress is gel which will help keep the mattress cool. Mattresses without the gel will absorb the sleeper’s body heat causing the mattress to get hot over the course of the night.

Luckily, you will not face this problem with EMurpyBed’s mattress as 1.5” of gel is plenty to keep your mattress cool. Looking for the upgraded 8” mattress? It has the same amount of cooling gel but offers an extra 2” (for a total of 6.5”) of supportive base memory foam.

The mattress includes an ultra-soft bamboo cover that is removeable. The cover will protect the mattress from getting dirty and will enhance the comfortability of the mattress. Anytime the mattress cover gets dirty, simply unzip it, and throw it in the wash.

Most importantly, the mattress utilizes CertiPur-US Certified memory foam. This memory foam is free of toxins and chemicals. You and your guests can rest assured knowing that your mattress will not be affecting your health.