Safavieh Headboards

Safavieh Lucina Metal Headboard

The Safavieh Lucina Metal Headboard adds the perfect touch of modern royalty, with a metal construction. With intricate detailing and several finishes to choose from, the Lucina style is a great choice for a master bedroom or guest suite.

Safavieh Paloma

The Safavieh Paloma Headboard features a gently curved design with a contemporary look. If you’re seeking sophistication for your bedroom, here’s one way to add style to your room easily. Additionally, this frame is crafted with iron.

Safavieh Imelda

Safavieh’s Imedla style is made of rattan, featuring a bright and open look. With a white wash finish, this timeless look is popular among all shoppers. Plus, Safavieh headboards are known for these innovative styles, made with the highest quality possible.

Safavieh Nadine

Crafted of banana leaf and wood, the Nadine headboard adds a fresh look to any bedroom. Even better, this headboard is offered in several sizes, ideal for rooms of any size. In addition, this model even offers a sustainable design!

Safavieh Harlow

Rich rustic oak frame and upholstered in linen, the Safavieh Harlow Headboard is perfect for the classic bedroom of your dreams. Moreover, with over 100 years of experience crafting headboards with unmatched style, you can’t go wrong with this Safavieh style.

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