Arason Original Creden-ZzZ Full Pekoe Murphy Cabinet Bed


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  • Easy to use space saving design
  • Large storage drawer
  • Now includes USB ports
  • Free standing, no need to bolt to wall or floor
  • Includes 6 inch Tri-fold Memory Foam Mattress
  • Easy to assemble cabinet and fully assembled base
  • 10 Year Warranty!
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Arason Full Pekoe Cabinet Bed

The Arason Full Pekoe Cabinet Bed is your answer for an easy and stylish guest book. This full-sized cabinet bed comes with a 9-inch storage drawer, perfect for adding space underneath the bed for pillows or bedding. The top features a flip-top style, which allows sleepers a comfortable head space area for spacious sleeping.

This freestanding full cabinet bed even allows you to keep your items on top of the bed when the bed is being used. On the top, you can place pictures, decorations, or even a TV to make the best use of the cabinet bed. Whether you

Enjoy a modern design that can instantly transform any room, while also adding significant value. The Full Pekoe Cabinet Bed comes complete with a tri-fold memory foam mattress, designed for both comfort and convenience. This 6-inch mattress features 4 inches of supportive base foam and an additional 2 inches of memory foam. The mattress is thoughtfully designed with three segments that remain connected even when laid flat and easily accordion folds to fit into the cabinet.

Arason has also upgraded the Pekoe Full Cabinet Bed, which now includes two USB port connections and one electrical outlet. This is attached to the drawer/base. The plug exits the back of the base and has a 6 foot cord. This ultra-useful features is yet another reason to love Arason’s Pekoe Full Cabinet Bed.

Arason Full Pekoe Murphy Cabinet Bed Features

Free Standing- Unlike the traditional murphy bed, the Arason Full Pekoe Cabinet Bed does not bolt to the floor or wall! It is a freestanding bed, which makes it easy to move.

Usable Top Surface-  The cabinet bed only uses half of the top surface when in use. This allows you to always keep your belongings on top of the cabinet bed.

Weight Supported- All Arason’s cabinet beds can support up to 500 pounds. Two people can comfortably sleep on this full-size cabinet bed. This bed also comes in a queen-size, if you need a bit more sleeping room.

Storage Drawers- Arason Full Pekoe Cabinet Bed includes 9-inch storage drawers. This gives you plenty of space for your sheets and pillows!

Smaller Size- The Full Pekoe is one of the only cabinet beds available in a full-size, great for smaller spaces.

Arason Bed Dimensions

The full dimensions are:

  • Dimensions W 58″ x H 37.5″ x D 23″
  • When Open: Opens to 76″

Tri-Fold Mattress Details

A trifold, high-resilient foam is used for the Arason Full Pekoe Cabinet Bed’s mattress. This mattress is 6 inches thick with a base foam thickness of 4 inches and a top foam thickness of 2 inches. The three segments of the mattress come together when laid flat and don’t separate. Having a solid sleeping platform is the best way to guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep, free of springs, rolling to the middle, or bars sticking in your back. Mattresses have a one-year guaranteed warranty, and queen size bed sheets are compatible.

Opening and Closing an Arason Cabinet Bed

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 58 × 37.5 in







10 Year



1 review for Arason Original Creden-ZzZ Full Pekoe Murphy Cabinet Bed

  1. Michaela

    We have just purchased this bed and so far, so good. Love how it looks in our den area as a cabinet but it’s also great for when our family comes to stay with us.

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