Atlantic Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds have become a large portion of Atlantic Furniture’s business. Before they introduced murphy beds, Atlantic was well known for their bedroom furniture which included bunk beds and day beds. About a decade ago they expanded their space-saving furniture line by adding murphy chest beds.

As cabinet murphy beds continues to grow so does Atlantic’s offerings. They offer four beautiful styles that come in variety of sizes and finishes. Many Atlantic Murphy Beds, especially the Nantucket Murphy Bed, have quickly become top-sellers due to their innovative design and affordable pricing.

How are Atlantic Murphy Beds Packed and Shipped?

Most of the beds come in three separate boxes on a pallet. The first box includes the base of the bed, which comes fully assembled. In the 2nd box is the cabinet portion of the bed.  Lastly, you will find the mattress in the third box.

Due to the size of the shipment, the beds will ship via LTL Freight. Most LTL Freight deliver with curbside delivery. The shipping company will call to schedule a delivery time and will deliver the bed to the first dry area. They will not bring the bed inside or assemble.

When receiving the bed via curbside delivery, we recommend removing the boxes from the pallet and moving them inside one by one. This method will make it much easier on your back!

What Sets Atlantic Apart from the Competition?

Atlantic puts a major emphasis on the safety of their products. They use solid hardwood construction on all their murphy chest beds. The solid hardwood is sturdy and will last a lot longer than similar products made with particle board and other cheap materials.

Atlantic also uses steel reinforcements in their beds. The steel reinforcements are strategically placed to not only ensure safety, but all extend the lifespan of the product.

While safety and durability are top of the list for Atlantic, the beauty of the bed is not far behind. Atlantic uses a five-step finishing process that really makes the finish of the bed pop. Although Atlantic does not have a large selection of finishes available for their murphy beds, the options they do have will impress your guests.

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Most Popular Atlantic Murphy Beds

Atlantic Nantucket Murphy Bed (Queen)

The Nantucket Murphy Bed has been a staple in Atlantic’s chest bed portfolio. Atlantic has released a variety of different models, some of which have been discontinued. The Nantucket has withstood the test of time to remain the most popular Atlantic Cabinet Bed.

The bed is available in three color options including white, espresso, and grey. The bed features vertical slats that give it a beautiful style. Also, the bed features two sets of handles. The handles are a silver color that really stick out on each of the beds, especially the espresso.

You may notice that the base of the Nantucket is smaller than the cabinet portion of the bed. This is one feature that really differentiates the bed from other Atlantic models.


  • Available in three beautiful colors.
  • The bed includes a USB module that allows guests to charge their phones while they sleep.
  • Storage drawers are easy to pullout and include a set of handles.


  • The Nantucket weighs 370 pounds which is heavier than many other cabinet bed options.
  • The smaller base equates to smaller storage drawers. The drawers still have plenty of space but will not allow you to store as much as other cabinet beds.

Atlantic Southampton Murphy Bed

The Atlantic Furniture Southampton Murphy Bed is a newer release by Atlantic but has quickly become a customer favorite. You may notice that the design of the Southampton is very similar to the Nantucket. In fact, it is nearly identical.

The only difference comes on the base of the bed. While the Nantucket’s base is a smaller width than the rest of the bed, the Southampton’s base is the full width of the bed. Personally, I like the smooth look this gives the bed.


  • The base covering the full width of the bed gives it a fresh look.
  • With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, the bed will be able to accommodate most guests.
  • The assembly for the Southampton Murphy Bed is made easy with the base coming pre-assembled.


  • Atlantic offers beautiful but limited color options. Most of their murphy beds have the same three or four finishes.
  • The Southampton does not include, nor have they option for, fold-up trays. Fold-up trays are popular as they can be used as an alternative to nightstands.

Atlantic Hamilton Murphy Bed

The Hamilton, like the Southampton, is a relatively new offering from Atlantic. The bed offers a much more simplistic style than the Southampton and Nantucket. It is does not feature the vertical slats that come with the beforementioned beds.

Also, the Hamilton Murphy Bed Chest does not have the arches that the two other models have. However, not all is different with the Hamilton Chest Bed. It includes the same silver handles as the other models.

The Hamilton is available in three beautiful finishes including white, grey, and antique walnut. The simple, white finish has become a popular option for beach houses.


  • The Hamilton offers a simplistic style.
  • Murphy bed drawers pull fully out when opening the bed. This makes the opening and closing of the bed easier.


  • Limited color options available.

Atlantic Deerfield Murphy Bed

The Deerfield Murphy Bed certainly has a unique look. While the other Atlantic Murphy Beds are similar in their design, the Deerfield stands out. The bed is designed to look like a dresser, rather than a cabinet. The bed has four sets of “drawers”. The upper three drawers are just for show and do not open and close. The bottom drawer is actually the underneath storage drawers.

The Deerfield Murphy Bed Chest is currently only available in a queen size but it has many variations with its finish. The bed is available in white, burnt amber, antique walnut, Atlantic grey, and driftwood grey.


  • The Deerfield offers multiple finishes that are not seen with the other Atlantic murphy beds.
  • Unique design that may fit in better with your set of furniture.
  • Typically less expensive than the other Atlantic models (depends on the website).


  • The bed is only available in a queen size.
  • The bed has a slightly different opening system than the Nantucket Murphy Bed.