Space Saving Beds

Today, many options for space-saving beds make furnishing small rooms a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of jamming oversized bedroom furniture in tight spaces. Instead, select one of these popular space-saving bed ideas to help you furnish your space with ease.

Captains Beds

Captains beds are the ideal space-saving bed for spaces with limited storage space. Inspired by captains who slept in tight quarters, this type of bed style makes use of hidden space through storage drawers.

Captains beds for adults or children are ideal for reducing clutter and storing personal items beneath the bed. Explore the many sizes and styles available of captains beds to see if this space-saving option will work for your space.


Daybeds are ideal for rooms and spaces serving multiple uses. During the day, a daybed serves as a comfortable place to sit, relax and lounge around. At night, a daybed can be used for regular sleeping.

Ideal for guest bedrooms, children’s rooms, dens, or basements, there are endless ways to use a daybed in your home. Daybes are available in many styles and bed sizes.

Loft Beds

If you’re looking to free up floor space, a loft bed may be the space-saving furniture idea for you. A loft bed elevates a bed off of the floor, allowing the underneath space to be used. Some loft beds use this space as a desk or workspace, while others may use this space for additional storage.

If your room has limited area, a loft bed can help you make better use of your space. Loft beds are also common in kids’ bedrooms, as many designs feature fun playhouse elements that enhance playtime.

Platform Beds

Platform beds sit lower to the floor than a traditional bedframe. While a platform bed takes up the same floor space as a traditional bed, it can offer a variety of other benefits. For small spaces, platform beds give the illusion of a larger room as they remain closer to the floor.

Furthermore, many customers prefer platform beds because they require no box springs. If you’re updating a bedroom in your home, this means you can utilize your existing mattress without the need for a box spring. Platform beds come in dozens of styles, from traditional to mid-century modern in themes.

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