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Frequently Asked Questions

General Cabinet Bed Questions

Q: Can I use the bed as a TV stand?

A: Yes, all the beds offer a flat surface where you can place a TV. However, with some of the beds, you will need to remove the TV before opening the cabinet into a bed.

Q: Which cabinet beds have a stationary back panel?

A: The beds with the stationary back panel are the ones you can permanently leave a TV, decorations, plants, or pictures. Every single bed you will find on this website has a stationary back panel, except for the Night & Day Cube collection. Instead, with the Cube collection the top of the bed comes off when opening the bed.

Q: What types of material are used for each bed?

The four cabinet bed manufacturers; Arason, Atlantic, EMurphyBed, and Night & Day; all use solid hardwood to construct their beds. Bestar, the lone wall bed manufacturer, uses particle board for the wooden portions of their bed.

Q: Which beds include underneath storage drawers?

A: Arason, Atlantic, and EMurphyBed Cabinet Beds all include underneath storage drawers. Most of the Night & Day Cabinet Beds include underneath storage drawers except for the Cube Collection. Bestar Wall Beds do not include underneath storage drawers, but they do have the option for side storage.

Cabinet Bed Storage Drawers

Q: Which beds include fold-up trays?

A: Night & Day is currently the only manufacturer that offers fold-up trays. Their trays come standard with their Sagebrush, Poppy, and Daisy collections. You will have the option to include the trays with the Clover collection. Furthermore, the trays are not available for their Cube collection.

Cabinet Bed vs. Wall Bed Questions

Q: What is the difference between a cabinet bed and wall bed?

A: There a quite a few differences when comparing a cabinet bed and wall bed. The first big difference between the two is how they assemble. Cabinet beds are freestanding, meaning they do not need mount to a wall. On the other hand, wall beds must attach to the wall. Many people view cabinet beds as more convenient because they are freestanding. However, wall beds do have an advantage in what type of mattress they support. Since the mattress does not fold-up into the cabinet with wall beds, you can choose a thicker mattress. Most cabinet beds only support a 6” mattress, where wall beds can hold up to an 8” or 10” mattress (depending on the model).

Bestar Murphy Wall Bed

Q: Do any cabinet beds mount to the wall?

A: No! You will not have to mount any cabinet beds to the wall. In fact, you can place your cabinet bed anywhere in the room. Even in the middle of the room if your heart desires.

Q: How quickly can I open and close the bed?

A: This varies slightly based on the manufacturer and model; however, most beds open in 30 seconds or less. Bestar Wall Beds open even quicker and are easy to close as well, thanks to their dual piston system.

Q: Are wall beds similar to murphy beds?

A: Yes, they are very much similar. However, the old murphy beds use to stick out like sore thumb in a room. Bestar designs their wall beds to look beautiful. Like a cabinet bed, Bestar Wall Beds have a cabinet appearance when they close.

Shipping Questions

Q: Where do the cabinet beds ship from?

A: The answer to this question varies based on the manufacturer and where you buy. Below is a list of the manufacturers and where your order will ship from:

Night & Day – Night & Day has three warehouses in Washington state, California, and North Carolina. Typically, your order will ship from the closest warehouse, unless they are out of a stock at a particular location.

Arason – Arason has two warehouses in the country. They ship their west coast orders from their warehouse in California and their east coast orders from their warehouse in Maryland.

Atlantic – Atlantic only has one warehouse. All orders ship from Massachusetts.

Bestar – Bestar ships their beds from their warehouse in Canada. Due to the warehouse being in Canada, transit times may be a little longer than with some of the other beds.

EMurphyBed – EmurphyBed has one warehouse in New Jersey.

Q: How quickly do the beds ship?

A: All the manufacturers ship their beds out quickly, within 2-4 business days, unless they are out of stock on a particular product. Make sure that the product is in stock before purchasing.

Q: How are the beds packaged?

A: All beds come in a big box with a lot of Styrofoam protecting the beds. Due to their size, they all ship via LTL freight on a pallet. Arason and EMurphyBed will include the mattress in the box with the cabinet bed. Night & Day and Atlantic ship the mattress in a separate box.

Cabinet Bed Pallet

Q: Are the beds delivered inside or curbside?

A: Most of the time the standard shipping is for a curbside delivery. You will most likely need to pay extra money if you want inside or white-glove delivery.

Assembly A Cabinet Questions

Q: How long does assembly take?

A: This depends on the manufacturer and model as well. All the manufacturers try to make it as easy as possible to assemble. For the cabinet beds, assembly will take around 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Bestar Wall Beds take multiple hours to assemble, as there are more parts and you have to mount the bed to the wall.

Q: How many people are needed for assembly?

A: Cabinet bed assembly is easy and will only require one person. A helper may come in handy on some steps in the process. The wall beds are a different story. You will need 3 or 4 people to assemble the wall beds due to their size.

Q: Do the beds come with instructions?

A: Yes, all the beds come with detailed description on how to assemble the bed. You will also find assembly videos on our site for some of the beds.

Mattress Questions

Q: What type of mattress do the beds come with?

A: The mattress varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The standard mattress that all the manufacturers carry is a 6” memory foam mattress. Each mattress has a layer of cooling gel, the thickness of the layer of cooling gel is what differs in the mattresses. Bestar Wall Beds do not come with a mattress. Therefore, you can choose the mattress that works best for you!

Q: My mattress came flat. Why is that?

A: Most of the manufacturers vacuum seal their mattresses so they can offer more affordable shipping prices or free shipping. When the mattress arrives, it will come curled up in plastic wrapping. Once you receive the mattress, we recommend laying it out flat and letting it “breath”. Lay it out flat for 24 hours and the mattress will fluff up to where it will be ready for use.

Vacuum Sealed Mattress
Vacuum Sealed Mattress

Q: Are the tri-folds noticeable while in use?

A: Actually, no! When first looking at the mattress, one would believe that it would have an impact on your sleep. However, that is not the case. Once the sheets are put on the mattress, you will not notice that the mattress even has trifolds.

Q: Can I upgrade the mattress?

This depends on the manufacturer. Typically, you will have to stick with a 6” mattress because the cabinet portion of the bed does not have the room to hold a thicker mattress. However, with EMurphyBed Cabinet Beds you will have the option to upgrade to an 8” thick mattress. It will cost you a little extra.

Q: Can I use a mattress topper?

A: For the beds that do not allow you to increase the thickness of the mattress, you do have the option to use a mattress topper. The mattress topper adds an additional layer that could make the mattress comfier, the only problem is that the mattress topper may not fit inside the cabinet and you would need to store it elsewhere.