Jackpot Loft Beds

If you want your children to fall in love with their space, consider a Jackpot loft bed with the best ratings. These beds help create a memorable childhood bedroom space which allows your child to express themselves.

Not only do these loft beds receive the highest-ranking reviews of loft beds, but they also offer the most interchangeable color selection. For example, the castle model comes in various tent and wood colors.

Jackpot Contemporary Low Loft Bed

The Jackpot Contemporary Low Loft Bed features a staircase entry for easy access to the top bunk. Underneath, this loft bed opens up floor space in your child’s room which can be used for school work or play. While there is so much to love about the Contemporary bed, the diverse selection of wooden finishes tops the charts.

With a modern style using clean lines, this low loft bed can easily integrate into your child’s room, regardless of theming. Consider this low loft bed a smart investment that offers many years of use for your child. Please note that this loft bed accommodates a twin-sized mattress.

Jackpot Castle Low Loft Bed

The Jackpot Castle Low Loft Bed can be purchased with a ladder or a staircase, allowing you to customize a room. Furthermore, the play tent theme with bright colors adds vibrancy and excitement to your child’s bedroom.

This elevated twin-size loft bed accommodates any mattress you choose. Also, it features a reversible design for integration in any room’s configuration. The top tent is made from 100% cotton, allowing it to be easily cleaned. Reviewers of this low loft bed have noted that it was worth every penny, feeling pleased with their purchase.

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