Arason Original Creden-ZzZ Queen Pekoe Murphy Cabinet Bed


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  • Easy to use space saving design
  • Easy to assemble cabinet and fully assembled base
  • Large storage drawer
  • Free standing, no need to bolt to wall or floor
  • Supports 500 Lbs.
  • Includes 6 inch Tri-fold Memory Foam Mattress
  • 10 Year Warranty!
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Arason Queen Pekoe Murphy Cabinet Bed

Introducing the innovative Flip Top Creden-ZzZTM style cabinet bed, a design that prioritizes the sleeper’s comfort and convenience. This unique cabinet bed provides users with more headroom, making it a top choice for those seeking a cozy and accessible sleeping solution. The cleverly designed top surface is not only low-profile but also incredibly easy to use. To reveal the bed, simply push items towards the back, and the top smoothly flips open, eliminating any hassle.

The Pekoe Murphy Cabinet Bed offers a sleek and clean exterior, as the latches and safety chain are discreetly concealed within the cabinet, ensuring a tidy and uncluttered appearance. This feature is especially well-suited for small space living, home offices, resorts, or any setting where an additional bed is required. In addition, this bed has recently been upgraded to include USB charging ports.

Front panel locks are cleverly hidden within the cabinet, and accessing them is as simple as flipping open the top. The specialty stop hinges prevent the top from folding all the way back, so there’s no need to remove items from the surface; just push them towards the rear, and you’re ready to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with ample headroom. Crafted from robust plywood, this cabinet bed opens to reveal a comfortable sleeping area with dimensions of W 64 x H 39 x L 83 inches, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a space-saving and functional sleeping solution.

This compact and aesthetically pleasing cabinet bed serves as a cost-effective alternative to traditional wall beds. It not only provides a comfortable sleeping surface but also includes a spacious storage drawer and a usable top surface, adding to its practicality and appeal.

The Creden-ZzZ Style Cabinet Bed comes complete with a tri-fold memory foam mattress, offering a cozy 6-inch thickness comprising 4 inches of supportive base foam and an additional 2 inches of plush memory foam. The mattress’s three segments are securely sewn together, ensuring they remain intact when laid flat. When it’s time to stow away the bed, the mattress easily accordion folds to fit back into the cabinet. To provide further peace of mind, the mattress comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Arason Pekoe Cabinet Bed Features

  • Free Standing- This cabinet bed stands on its own and can easily be moved around your own home. This means if you move – your cabinet bed can come with you.
  • Stylish, Modern Design- The modern brown finish of this cabinet bed is stunning and modern. Perfect for those with a contemporary style!
  • Comfortable Queen-sized Mattress-  The included queen tri-fold mattress features a memory foam layer for the utmost comfort.
  • Ideal for Guests- A great solution for accommodating overnight guests without the need for a dedicated guest room.
  • Camouflaged Front Panel- The front panel locks are discreetly hidden inside the cabinet, maintaining a clean and sleek appearance.
  • Headroom– Offers ample headroom when the top is open, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience.

Arason Bed Dimensions

Queen Size – Dimensions W 64″ x H 41.5″ x D 23″, opens to 81″, Weight 240 lbs
Full Size- Dimensions W 58″ x H 37.5″ x D 23″, opens to 76″

Tri-Fold Mattress Details

The Arason Pekoe Queen Cabinet Bed’s mattress is the pinnacle of comfort and relaxation. It features a trifold, high-resilient foam composition that is sure to delight even the most discerning sleepers. Measuring a generous 6 inches thick, with a base foam thickness of 4 inches and a top foam thickness of 2 inches, this innovative mattress is the perfect blend of support and softness. 

When laid flat, the three segments of the mattress come together seamlessly, providing a solid and dependable sleeping platform that eliminates any discomfort from springs, rolling to the middle, or bars sticking in your back. Furthermore, the mattress comes with a one-year guaranteed warranty, giving you peace of mind with every use. Compatible with queen-size bed sheets, the Arason Pekoe Queen Cabinet Bed is a must-have for any bedroom. With this mattress included, you don’t have to worry about buying a different mattress for your cabinet bed.

Assembly Instructions

Opening and Closing - Arason Pekoe Murphy Bed

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 64 × 43 in







10 Year



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  1. Jo Ellen

    I knew I wanted this bed when I saw it on display at a local home show. I’m so glad I purchased it! Got the best price here too and Joe helped answer all of my questions.

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