Arason Cabinet Beds

Arason has been developing cabinet beds since 2002. They have come a long way since their first prototype designed nearly 20 years ago which was known as the “FU-Chest”. The “FU-Chest” has a simple design that opens into a bed that is laid out on the floor. This design was more of a box that opened into a mattress, rather than a bed.

Since Arason has majorly upgraded its product line to include some of the most beautiful cabinet beds on the market. Arason now offers six different collections, including the popular Arason Brussels Cabinet Bed, most of which are available in a variety of finishes.

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Showing all 13 results

As a top cabinet bed manufacturer, Aarson prides itself on customer service. Every Aarson cabinet bed ships directly from its warehouse in Maryland or from its affiliate warehouse in California. The company has made it a point to have both an east coast warehouse and a west coast warehouse to ensure that you receive cabinet beds are shipped in a timely manner.

Most of Arason’s shipments will be with curbside delivery, however, they do have an option for white glove delivery at an additional cost (note: this has been a little trickier and more expensive since COVID-19).

Known for their innovative and stylish designs, you’ll find that every Aarson cabinet bed has a unique style. With many to choose from, you’ll surely find one that meets your style, color, and finish preferences.

How are Arason Murphy Beds Packed and Shipped?

Arason’s cabinet beds ship in one box on a pallet. The mattress is vacuum sealed and placed inside the cabinet portion of the bed. The box includes the base of the bed.

As mentioned above, most deliveries are with curbside delivery. With the entire bed and mattress delivered in one box, it is heavy. If you do not have two (or three) strong adults to move the bed inside, we recommend breaking down the box and carrying the heavy pieces inside one by one.

What sets Arason Cabinet Beds apart from the Competition?

The creativity of Arason Murphy Bed’s designs set them apart from the competition. Professionals design each bed so that it looks amazing when it reaches your home. The newer models; including the Essex Cabinet Bed, Brussels, and Kingston; all have a unique design that you will not find elsewhere.

The older models, including the Cottage White Cabinet Bed, have withstood the test of time. Chances are that Arason has a style that will fit your needs.

Durability is another way Arason differentiates itself from the competition. In our opinion, Arason has some of the most durable cabinet beds available. Arason makes their beds from solid wood and they do not contain any particle board. You will be hard-pressed to find a sturdier piece of furniture than Arason’s collection of cabinet beds.

Arason’s Most Popular Cabinet Murphy Beds

Arason Essex Ash Cabinet Bed

The Essex Ash is the most popular bed Arason has to offer. In fact, it is so popular that it is sold out more often than it is not. If you have your heart set on the Essex Ash model, you will want to move quickly to make the purchase. The Essex collection features a crisscross molding design that forms eight X’s within the cabinet bed. The Ash finish is particularly popular in beach houses due to its driftwood feel.


  • The crisscross molding design is one of a kind and only available through Arason.
  • The Ash finish is stunningly beautiful. The pictures do not do it justice. Your guests will be amazed at how beautiful the bed is when it arrives.
  • Even though it is the most popular model, it is priced in the middle of Arason’s assortment of beds.


  • Hard to get because of its popularity.
  • Does not have handles on the underneath storage drawers. Instead, it has a cutout that allows you to pull out the drawers.

Arason Cottage White Cabinet Bed

The Cottage White Cabinet Bed has been a staple of Aarson’s product line. In the picture, you can see the bed features vertical slats on both the right and left-hand sides of the bed. Its cottage style makes it a favorite for beach houses. The bed has two knobs near the center of the bed that is meant to resemble a cabinet.

These knobs are strictly just for show. The white finish is the only model offered in the Cottage collection. Arason used to offer a black finish, however, this model lost popularity once they released the Essex Black Cabinet Bed.


  • The only cottage-style cabinet bed on the market that is available in white.
  • Will give your beach house a guest bed without taking away from the beach house feel.


  • Arason discontinued the Cottage Black Cabinet Bed, so the Cottage White is the only finish available.
  • The bed includes knobs on the upper portion of the bed but not on the storage drawers.

Arason Brussels Cabinet Bed

When Arason first introduced the Brussels Charcoal Cabinet Bed a couple of years ago, it quickly became a top seller. The Aarson Brussels Cabinet Bed features a bold circular molding design in each of the products in the collection. Arason set out to offer this unique design, inspired by 18th-century European furniture.

The Brussels collection is available in three finishes including the ash, charcoal, and white. The Aarson Brussels Cabinet Bed is beautiful in any finish and is appealing for those with modern-style or contemporary taste.


  • Unique design that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Three beautiful finishes are available. The Charcoal finish is the most popular, however, the ash and white finishes will impress your guests as well.


  • Unfortunately, this model is out of stock most of the time. If you see it available, you will have to jump on the opportunity quickly before they sell out.

Arason Creden-ZZZ Pekoe Cabinet Bed

Arason’s Pekoe Cabinet Bed was one of the first they introduced into their product line. The Pekoe has a beautiful medium brown finish. It comes with four brass handles that measure 6” inches long. The brass handles on the cabinet portion of the bed are just for show.

On the other hand, the handles on the drawers will open and close the storage drawers. Most cabinet beds are offered in a queen size, however, the Pekoe is offered in both a queen and full size. The Pekoe is one of the few cabinet beds that is available as a full-sized bed.


  • Only Arason Cabinet Bed that is available in both a queen and full size.
  • The full-size option is the lowest-priced Arason Cabinet Bed at just under $1,900.
  • Includes beautiful brass handles. The brass handles make it easier to open the drawers than the other models that do not have handles.


  • A pekoe finish is the only option available for this collection. Most of Arasons other collections provide multiple finish options, however, that is not the case with this model.
  • The storage drawer is unusable while the bed is in use. The storage drawer covers the base of the bed which prohibits you from using the drawers until the bed is closed.

Arason Kingston Cabinet Bed

Introducing the newest Arason Cabinet Bed! The drawers and front panel have natural wicker inlays that give the bed its unique style. Arason considers the bed a “tropical style” due to its warm amber and honey tones.

The Kingston Cabinet Bed has the appearance of having three drawers and two cabinets, to go along with the underneath storage drawers. However, these are just for show (except the underneath storage drawers). The cabinets and drawers have bronze/black handles.


  • Arason’s latest and greatest cabinet bed.
  • Unique style
  • Includes handles to help open the underneath storage drawers.


  • Most expensive model is priced at $2,399. The design of the bed is more in-depth which adds to the price of the bed.
  • Does not include some key features that other brands offer (USB modules & fold-up trays).