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Cabinet Murphy Beds is a family run business that has been in the furniture industry for decades. We are fascinated with the beautiful designs and colors of cabinet beds. Back in 2015, we made the decision to learn more about the products. Previously, we sold cabinet beds in a local store, along with other furniture. This is where we built up the foundation of our knowledge on cabinet beds. Our knowledge of the different cabinet bed manufacturers inspired us to create this website. We want to share our knowledge with you, so that you can make the right decision when purchasing your new bed.

Cabinet beds are expensive and cost a lot to ship due to their size. This makes them difficult to return. Therefore, it is important to do your research before purchasing the bed. That way there are no surprises when the bed is received. We dedicate our entire site to informing you about the variety of beds on the market, allowing you to make that informed decision. Thank you for reading our site and good luck with your new cabinet bed purchase!

Brushed Driftwood Cabinet Bed