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Acme Furniture

Acme Bunk Beds are one of the most well-known brands in the bunk bed industry. This company offers both double and triple bunk beds, as well as a great diversity of both metal and wood bunk beds. From style to sizing, Acme tops the charts in terms of quality and safety-tested bunk beds.

Many of Acme’s styles have matching side tables, dressers, and other bedroom furniture needs. If you’re looking to create a cohesive and matching room appearance, this brand is perfect for you!


Another great brand for bunks is Dorel. This manufacturer has a wide assortment of products, perfect for adding style on a budget. Whether you seek a simple metal design or an intricate wooden design, there’s something for everyone in Dorel’s bunk bed product offerings.

In addition to space-saving beds, this brand also offers other home furnishings, designed and manufactured by Dorel Furnishings.

Other Brands

In addition to Dorel and Acme, we love these top-rated beds from other brands. Find the best space-saving bed for your needs right here.

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