Full Cabinet Beds

You may notice that there are a lot fewer full cabinet bed options than there are queens. This is because the queen cabinet bed is the standard size. Full size cabinet beds are slightly less popular, so there are not as many models and finishes. However, there are still a few great options that will do wonders for you and your guests.

Top Full Cabinet Bed Options

Arason Pekoe Full Cabinet Bed

The Pekoe Full Cabinet Bed is a customer favorite. Arason’s Pekoe Cabinet Bed is available in both a full and a queen size. It features a medium brown finish and bronze handles on the cabinet and drawers. Compared to some of the other Arason Bed collections, the Pekoe is simple. It simply has a nice, clean look to it.

Arason Espresso Full Cabinet Bed

Just like the Pekoe Full Cabinet Bed, the Espresso option is also manufactured by Arason. Arason is the top manufacturer of full-size cabinet beds and there are not a whole lot of others who offer their beds in a full. The Espresso Cabinet Bed has many of the same features as the Pekoe, however, it features a slightly darker finish. It also uses silver handles on the cabinet and the drawers.

Arason Madrid White Full Cabinet Bed

The Madrid White Cabinet Bed is new on the market. Arason introduced the bed in 2019 and it has been a popular model ever since. All Arason Beds come complete with a 6” Memory Foam Mattress. The Madrid also features large underneath storage drawers. Storage drawers are perfect for storing the bedding or pillows.

The Madrid is currently only available in a white finish. It has a very simple design that will allow the bed to blend in with any room. Just like the Espresso Full Cabinet Bed, the Madrid comes with silver handles.

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