Cabinet Beds

Cabinet beds have gone from a relatively unknown commodity to a top-selling product over the last few years. There has always been a need for space-saving beds, but before they always came in the form of a murphy bed.

Traditional murphy beds sit up against the wall and make the entire room look like a bedroom. However, cabinet beds offer an exceptional alternative. Instead of changing the whole look and feel of your room, a cabinet bed blends right in with the rest of your furniture.

What Sets Cabinet Beds apart from Traditional Murphy Beds?

Blend into the Room

I mentioned it above, but they blend right in with the rest of your room. With their popularity increasing each year, there are more and more models available. This allows you to choose the style and finish that is perfect for your home!


Traditional murphy beds need to attach to the wall. Attaching the bed to the wall is a difficult, time-consuming process. If you’re not handy and need to hire a handyman to attach it, it will get costly.

Cabinet beds stand free on their own. Not only, is this a positive feature at installation, but it is also helpful if you ever decide to move the bed. Instead of having to disconnect from the wall, you can simply lift the bed and move it to your new preferred spot.

Cabinet Beds come Complete with the Mattress

The price you see for a cabinet murphy bed gets you the whole package. Everything from the bed to the mattress. Mattresses are expensive! Every manufacturer includes a memory foam mattress with the purchase of one of their cabinet beds.

Different Cabinet Bed Sizes

Twin Cabinet Bed

Twin cabinet beds are rare. In fact, there are only three options that are offered in a twin size. Those three are as follows:

  • Daily Delight Murphy Bed
  • Atlantic Nantucket Murphy Bed
  • Atlantic Hamilton Murphy Bed

Many manufacturers have steered away from the twin size since there is less demand. However, twin size cabinet beds take up an even smaller space. If you are only making room for one guest, or yourself, then a twin size beds works well for you! Unfortunately, you will not have a plethora of beds to choose from.

Full Cabinet Bed

Just like with the twin beds, there are not many full size cabinet bed options. The only manufacturer that offers their beds in a full size is Arason. Arason offers four different models including the Creden-ZZZ Pekoe, the Creden-ZZZ Espresso, the Creden-ZZZ Coffee, and the Madrid White.

Queen Cabinet Bed

If you have the room for a queen cabinet bed, then you are in luck! Queen cabinet beds are the most popular model. Therefore, most of the cabinet bed options are available in queen. There is a style and color for everyone’s needs in a queen size.

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