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Murphy Bed with Desk

Top Murphy Bed with Desk Options for 2023

If you’re short on space, functional furniture is the answer to saving space without compromising usability. Although Murphy beds have been a popular space-saver for many years, furniture manufacturers are finding new ways to make murphy beds even more useful. The latest version, a murphy bed desk, functions as both a bed and a workspace.

Whether you have a studio apartment, tight office space, or tiny guest room, a murphy bed desk is the answer. With many options on the market, we’ve done the research for you to help our customers narrow down the best options.

5 Best Murphy Beds with Desks

Check out these top murphy bed with desk options for 2023 you won’t want to miss.

1. Hiddenbed Queen Murphy Bed with Desk

The Hiddenbed Queen Murphy Bed with Desk tops the charts as the most innovative murphy bed with desks. This smart storage solution quickly transforms from a standard queen-sized bed into a spacious workspace. What sets this Hiddenbed model apart from other murphy beds with desks on the market is the flexible options for either a vertical or horizontal orientation. This helps accommodate rooms that are either narrow or wide.

Available in both a sleek White or a modern Summerflame color, this murphy bed with desk is a great option for office spaces, small apartments, condos, dens, or even mobile homes. In addition to style, this top-rated murphy bed offers easy operation.

Each desk bed kit includes everything you need for installation, including hardware and detailed instructions. Either variation can accommodate a standard queen mattress that weighs up to 85 lbs.

Hiddenbed Murphy Bed with Desk

2. Bestar Lumina Queen Wall Bed with Desk

The Bestar Lumina Queen Wall Bed with Desk offers both durability and style. This modern queen murphy bed with desk features a Euroslat mattress foundation that offers an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep. When closed, this bed easily transforms into a complete workspace with overhead LED lights. Whether you’re working throughout the day or night, this bed does it all!

If you’re looking for a murphy bed that’s easy to open and close, the Bestar Lumina is an excellent choice. The lifting mechanism design makes the Lumina lightweight and easy to fold up and down, making the transformation from bed to desk quick and painless.

Bestar Lumina Murphy Bed with Desk

3. Bestar Orion Full Murphy Bed with Desk

The Bestar Orion Full Murphy Bed with Desk functions differently than other similar products. Instead of a workspace that opens only when the murphy bed is closed, Orion’s desk is located to the side. For shoppers looking to avoid opening and closing their murphy bed every day, this is a great option! Once your work day is complete, simply use the pneumatic cylinder mechanism to hide the easy-fold desk.

Not only does this murphy bed with desk include a bed and a desk, but it also includes storage shelving. Its innovative design is not all the Bestar Orion Full Murphy Bed with desk has to offer. Known as a leader in the furniture industry, Bestar offers an exceptional 5-year warranty to ensure your investment is protected.

4. AFI Northampton Murphy Bed Desk

Most murphy beds with desks require anchoring to the wall. Shoppers looking for a more flexible murphy bed desk option must check out the AFI Northampton Murphy Bed Desk. This murphy bed requires no mounting, allowing it to stand freely in any room. Just like any piece of free-standing furniture, this bed can easily be moved when you move or relocated to another room.

The AFI Northampton bed offers a mid-century modern look, constructed of solid hardwood. The stunning walnut finish is unlike any other murphy bed with desk on the market! In addition to a spacious desk to work from, this bed also features a built-in power source with a 6-food cord and 2 USB ports. You’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips!

AFI Northampton Murphy Bed Desk Combo

5. Bestar Lumina with Desk and Storage Cabinets

Want storage space integrated into your murphy bed? The Bestar Lumina with Desk and Storage Cabinets makes great use of every bit of wall space for small spaces. On both sides of this queen murphy bed are storage towers with shelving, drawers, and cabinets to store your belongings. This option includes everything the traditional Lumina with Desk has, with the addition of two storage towers. If your wall space allows, you’ll be glad you added the extra storage!

Choosing Murphy Beds with Desks

Each of these 5 murphy beds easily transforms from a comfortable bed into a functional workspace within minutes. Whether you select a wall-mounted or free-standing option, a murphy bed with desk is an investment that offers years of use.

Got questions about your select? The Cabinet Murphy Beds team can help you find the best option for your unique needs. Contact us at (800)-570-9515 or send us an email at with any questions or concerns.

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