Bestar Wall Beds

As an anchor in the furniture industry for over 70 years, Bestar knows a thing or two about manufacturing high-quality furniture. Bestar sells a variety of household furniture products, as well as sells furniture to businesses such as desks.

Over the years, they have implemented the newest technology to fine-tune their products to give their customers the best possible product. Bestar is committed to their customer’s satisfaction and continues to strive to perfect their furniture and business practices.

Located in Lac-Megantic Canada, Bestar’s warehouse borders the U.S., located just north of Maine. They offer free shipping on all orders throughout the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping times may be a little longer than usual as the beds ship from Canada.

Bestar puts a unique spin on space-saving beds. They offer a variety of murphy wall beds which are similar to traditional murphy beds in that it drops down from the wall.

However, their version of the wall bed comes with a cabinet to conceal the bed when it is not in use. This type of murphy cabinet bed has advantages and disadvantages when compared to other cabinet beds that we will explore below.

Bestar Murphy Bed Advantages in Comparison to Cabinet Beds

Thicker Mattress

Cabinet beds sold by other manufacturers are limited to a 6” high mattress. Larger mattresses will not fit into the cabinet when folded. Bestar Murphy Wall Beds accommodate a thicker mattress. We recommend keeping the mattress height to 10 inches as the bed needs room to close.

Bestar Wall Beds do not Require a Tri-Fold Mattress

While the trifolds are not noticeable on other cabinet bed mattresses, we have a lot of customers tell us they still prefer to use a regular mattress. Bestar Beds do not require a tri-fold mattress as the mattress stores flat against the wall rather than folded.

No Removal of Bedding

Cabinet beds require customers to remove the bedding and store it in the underneath storage drawers when the bed closes. Therefore, you have to remove the bedding every time you need to shut the cabinet. This process can be a pain. That is not the case with Bestar Murphy Beds.

The bedding including the sheets and comforter will fit comfortably when you store the bed. However, the pillows must be removed and stored elsewhere. It is a major advantage to not have to remove the bedding between every use.

Bestar Murphy Beds come with Additional Side Storage

Bestar offers side storage on most of their products for an additional price.

Melamine Finish

Bestar was the first North American manufacturer to use a melamine finish. The durable melamine finish resists scratches and stains well.

Quick & Easy Transition

The bed has two handles that you pull to drop the bed down. It also includes a dual piston system which allows the bed to easily be pushed up into a closed position.

Higher Weight Capacity

The weight capacity for Bestar Murphy Beds is 1000 pounds. Arason, Atlantic, and Night & Day’s Cabinet Beds have a 500-pound weight capacity.

10-Year Warranty

Bestar Wall Beds come with a 10-year limited warranty on their murphy bed product line. For comparison, the only other manufacturer to offer a similar warranty is Night & Day. It is hard to beat Bestar’s warranty.

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Bestar Wall Beds are Environmentally Friendly Products

Bestar makes continuous strides to become a greener, more environmentally responsible company. In 2010, they switched their packaging material to eliminate the need for polystyrene. This change made their packaging 100% recyclable.

Best of all, the new packaging is equally as strong and meets the Furniture Package Performance Testing Method Standard. Bestar implements numerous best practices in place to further lessen their environmental footprint.

Packaging and Shipping

Most cabinet beds ship with three or four boxes on a pallet. The boxes typically weigh between 100 and 150 pounds. When purchasing a bed that includes a mattress, the mattress will come in a separate box. Bestar currently only offers curbside delivery. We recommend having multiple adults ready to help move the packages inside. You can remove each box from the pallet and bring them inside individually.