Queen Cabinet Beds

Queen Cabinet Beds are the top choice for most customers! Why? Most guests want to make sure they have room for two guests, so a twin size bed won’t cut it.

With the high amount of popularity, there are plenty of different queen cabinet bed options. In fact, every single style and color is available in a queen size. With so many great options it can be difficult to narrow down your choices.

Queen Cabinet Bed Best-Sellers

Atlantic Nantucket Queen Murphy Bed

The Nantucket Murphy Bed is by far the most popular Atlantic Cabinet Bed, but it also one of the most popular beds overall. The Nantucket has a farmhouse style and is available in three beautiful finishes. Atlantic manufactures beautiful beds and the Nantucket is no exception.

Cube Murphy Queen Cabinet Bed

The Cube Murphy Cabinet Bed is the best-selling bed of all the cabinet bed options. What makes the Cube Bed so popular? The main reason is that it has the same functionalities as the more expensive beds, but is only a fraction of the price. Who wouldn’t want to save quite a bit of money and still get a high-quality bed.

Essex Ash Queen Cabinet Bed

The biggest problem with the Essex Ash Cabinet Bed is that there doesn’t seem to be enough of them. Arason, the manufacturer, is frequently sold out of the Essex Ash due to its strong popularity. Customers love the unique design and the original finish offered with the Essex. If you see the Essex Ash available, jump on it before it is too late!

Poppy Cabinet Bed

The Poppy Cabinet Bed is one of the Night & Day’s newest offerings. Much of the reason for the Poppy Cabinet Bed’s popularity are the different finish options. The Poppy collection has a different finish for every taste. Poppy Beds are particularly popular in beach and mountain houses.

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