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Night & Day Cabinet Bed

Top 5 Best Night & Day Cabinet Beds and Buying Guide

Each of Night & Day Cabinet Bed collection styles come with unique color and style options that make each collection unique. Looking for a guest bed option for a modern newly built home or a cabinet bed with a traditional style? Either way Night & Day provides cabinet bed collections to cater to each buyer’s […]

Nantucket White Cabinet Bed

Atlantic Nantucket Murphy Bed Review

Atlantic Furniture has been in the furniture business for over 30 years and they were one of the pioneers in the cabinet bed industry. They have a handful of different models and today we are reviewing their Nantucket Murphy Bed. The Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest feature a cottage style front paneling that looks great in […]

Poppy White Bark Cabinet Murphy bed

Night and Day Poppy Cabinet Murphy Bed Review

Are you thinking about purchasing one of Night and Day’s Poppy Cabinet Murphy Beds? Well, if so, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will give you everything you need to know about the Poppy Cabinet Bed to decide whether this is the right model for you. Like Night and Day’s other […]

Cube Cabinet Bed

Cube Cabinet Bed vs other Night & Day Beds

Cube Cabinet Beds vs more Expensive Models Night and Day offers six different cabinet bed collections including the Clover, Sagebrush, Alpine, Daisy, Sagebrush, and Cube. All the collections, while having their own unique designs, have the same functionalities except for the Cube collection. The Cube collection debuted on the cabinet bed market a couple of […]

Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed was the original cabinet murphy bed offered by Night & Day. Night & Day introduced the Clover Murphy Bed over 10 years ago and it has remained a staple of their cabinet bed offerings ever since. The Clover is known for its simple design. While the Clover may be the […]

Cube Buyers Guide

Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed Review and Buyer’s Guide

Night & Day designed the Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed to be a less expensive alternative to their Clover Collection. Since the Cube debuted on the market, it has quickly become the most popular cabinet bed. Customers are saving nearly $700 by going with one of the Cube Cabinet Beds over the Clover Bed. Below we […]