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Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed was the original cabinet murphy bed offered by Night & Day. Night & Day introduced the Clover Murphy Bed over 10 years ago and it has remained a staple of their cabinet bed offerings ever since. The Clover is known for its simple design. While the Clover may be the oldest option that Night & Day offers, it has most of the features of the newer models. Below we break down the differences between the Clover and other cabinet beds to help you determine if it is a good fit for you!

Clover Murphy Bed Features

Color Options

The Clover Cabinet Bed features three basic color options. Being Night & Day’s first collection they decided to go with traditional color options including cherry, dark chocolate, and white. The cherry finish became the most popular of the group, however, the other finishes are popular in their own right.

Queen Bed

The Clover is currently only available as a queen.

Comfortable 6" Mattress

The 6” mattress is comfortable and firm. The mattress has 4” of memory foam and 2” of cooling gel.

Underneath Storage Drawers

The storage drawers are a nice feature that gives you a space to store bed sheets and pillows. The storage drawers come all the way out with the bed allowing guests to use the drawers for their clothes and other items while the bed is in use.

USB Module

Clover Murphy Cabinet Beds come standard with a USB module featuring two outlets.

Standalone Frame

Cabinet beds are a major upgrade over traditional murphy beds for the fact that they do not need to be anchored to the wall. This allows you to place the bed anywhere in the room of your choice. It also makes it easy to move the bed if you ever decided to switch it to another room or if you are moving.

Clover Cabinet Bed vs. Comparable Options

Night & Day Cube Cabinet Murphy Bed

  • Ease of Use – The Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed is slightly more difficult to open and close then the Clover. There are couple extra steps with the Cube that make it take slightly longer to convert the cabinet into a bed. With that being said, both beds should take under a minute to open and close.
  • Functionality – The Clover Cabinet Bed comes with a couple different features that are not available with the Cube. The main feature is the underneath storage drawers. The underneath storage drawers give you a place to store sheets, pillows, and comforters while the bed is closed. The USB module is another great feature offered with the Clover. The module will allow your guests to charge their phones or put up a little light.
  • Mattress – The mattress is the same 6” memory foam mattress with 2” of gel for both beds.
  • Warranty – Both beds come with the same warranty on the frame of the bed and on the mattress.
  • Price – The Cube Cabinet Bed was designed by Night & Day to be a price saver. The difference in price between the two options is $600.

EMurphyBed Daily Delight Murphy Bed

  • Ease of Use – The opening and closing of both beds is similar but has a few minor differences. The cabinet “doors” of the Daily Delight swing open to allow for the mattress to be exposed. The Clover “door” drops down instead of swinging open. The difference in the length of time to open and close each bed is minimal.
  • Functionality – Both beds offer a stationary top piece that allows you to put decorations, plants, televisions, and pictures on top of the cabinet bed. They also both feature a USB module. The main difference between the two is that the Clover offers fold up trays for both sides for additional money.
  • Mattress – The mattress that come with both beds are fairly similar. The only difference between the mattress is that the Clover offers a ½ more of the cooling gel, while the EMurphyBed offers an extra ½ inch on the supportive base of the mattress. However, the bed does offer an 8” mattress option that is not available with the Clover. The EMurphyBed has a little bit of extra room when the mattress is store giving it the space needed to fit an 8” mattress.
  • Warranty – EMurphyBed does not provide information on their warranty policy. The Clover Cabinet Bed comes with a 10-year limited warranty on the frame of the bed and a 3-year limited warranty on the mattress.
  • Price – The Daily Delight Murphy Bed has multiple different options available with varying prices. With the model in a Twin XL size, the price is $1,597. The queen size with a 6” mattress, most similar to the Clover, is priced at $2,297. A few hundred dollars more than the Clover collection. The Daily Delight also has an option with an 8” mattress priced at $2,557.

Bestar Nebula Murphy Wall Bed

  • Ease of Use – The Nebula Murphy Wall Bed and Clover are much different when it comes to how they open and close. The Nebula Wall Bed resembles a traditional murphy bed, however, it has a beautiful cabinet that closes when the bed is not in use. Once the cabinet is open, the bed comes down off of the wall. The Nebula uses a dual piston system that allows the bed to come off the wall safely and easily. The Clover opens and closes like a traditional cabinet bed.
  • Functionality – The Clover has the advantage when it comes to functionality. The Clover comes with an underneath storage drawer, while the Nebula does not. The Clover also has a USB module. The biggest difference between the two, however, is assembly. The Clover is easy to assembly. The assembly of the Clover can be done with one or two people in a little more than an hour. While the Clover is easy to assemble, the Nebula is slightly harder. Bestar recommends having up to three people for the project and it will most likely take a little more time.
  • Mattress – The Bestar Nebula does not come with a mattress. Since the bed drops down off the wall, the mattress does not need to be a tri-fold.
  • Warranty – Both manufacturers offer a 10-year limited warranty on the frame of their beds.
  • Price – The Nebula ranges in price depending on the size and color you select. The pricing ranges from $1,100 to $1,500. The Clover is priced at $1,997 so there is a bit of savings going with the Nebula.

Comparison Chart

  Mattress Included Weight Capacity Price Warranty Made in USA?
Night & Day Clover Yes 500 pounds $1,997 10 Years No
Night & Day Cube Yes 500 pounds $1,397 10 Years No
EMurphyBed Daily Delight Yes 500 pounds $2,297 None No
Bestar Nebula No 1,000 pounds Varies 10 Years No

Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed FAQ

Q: What is the weight capacity?

A: The weight capacity for the Clover Bed is 500 pounds for two adults. Night & Day recommends that the weight of a single person on the bed does not exceed 250 pounds.

Q: Why is the weight capacity the same as the Cube Cabinet Bed?

A: The Clover Cabinet Bed has a stronger base, in our opinion, then the Cube. The Clover could likely handle more weight than the Cube Bed, however, Night & Day set the weight capacity of both beds at 500 pounds in order to not void the warranty.

Q: Does the gel in the mattress make a difference?

A: In our opinion it makes a significant difference. The layer of gel prevents the mattress from retaining as much heat as a standard mattress. It is impossible to prevent a mattress from retaining any heat, however, the gel layer does play a key role in helping you keep cool through the night.

Q: What is the height of the bed when opened?

A: The frame of the bed sits 13” off the floor with the mattress being another 6” high. The top of the mattress sits 19” up from the floor.

Q: Where is the bed manufactured?

A: The bed is manufactured in Malaysia. The bed is brought over to Night & Days warehouse in Vancouver, Washington for a full inspection.

Q: What type of wood is the Clover Cabinet Bed made from?

A: It is made with rubberwood and no particle board.

Q: Can you use a topper on the mattress? Will it fit in with the mattress when the bed is closed?

A: Yes, you can absolutely use a topper with the mattress. We have successfully stored a topper in with the mattress when the bed is closed. It is a bit of a squeeze, but it does fit.

Shipping & Assembly Questions

Q: How does the bed ship?

A: Due to the size of the bed it has to ship via LTL freight. It is not small enough to ship via UPS or FedEx. Typically, delivery of the bed is curbside. There are sometimes options for inside delivery, however, with COVID they are not as easy to schedule and usually more expensive. The shipping company does give you a call before delivery to schedule a delivery appointment.

Q: Will I have to be home for the delivery?

A: Yes, all LTL freight shipments must have someone to sign off on the delivery. As mentioned before, the shipping company will schedule a delivery appointment that works best for you.

Q: How do you move the box inside when it is received?

A: The box can be moved with two adults inside the household. We recommend removing the contents from the box and carrying the pieces separately if going up or down stairs. The bed comes in a few different pieces that are easy to move on their own. The box as a whole is heavy and bulky, making it difficult to navigate stairs.

Q: How easy is the bed to assemble?

A: The bed should take 60-90 minutes to assemble with two adults. The bed comes with detailed assembly instructions. You can also check out the video below on full instructions of putting the Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed together.

Videos on the Clover Bed

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