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Cube Buyers Guide

Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed Review and Buyer’s Guide

Night & Day designed the Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed to be a less expensive alternative to their Clover Collection. Since the Cube debuted on the market, it has quickly become the most popular cabinet bed. Customers are saving nearly $700 by going with one of the Cube Cabinet Beds over the Clover Bed. Below we breakdown the advantages and disadvantages of the Cube Bed so you can make a proper decision on whether it is right for you.

The Night and Day Cube Cabinet Bed features four beautiful finishes

Night and Day offers their murphy cube cabinet bed in four different finishes. The first and most popular finish for this model is cherry. The cherry finish is a beautiful sleek look that allows the natural wood grain to show through.

If you are looking for a darker finish, you may like the dark chocolate. This model still allows the natural grain to show but will obviously be significantly darker than its cherry counterpart. The rich dark chocolate finish makes for a beautiful accent piece in a home office. Both the cherry and the dark chocolate have a glossy finish looks very sleek.

The third finish that Night and Day added to their Cube cabinet bed lineup is stonewash. The stonewash Cube Murphy Bed is a unique grey varnish that is unlike any of the other finish in this collection. This finish is NOT a paint. The stonewash is a stain like the cherry and dark chocolate, because of this, the wood grain shows through. This distinctive finish has quickly become one of Night and Day Furniture’s most popular color options. If you are looking to create a room with a modern feel, you cannot go wrong with the Stonewash.

Last, but not least, is the classic white finish. The white Murphy Cube is a high gloss finish and really pops in natural lighting. This bed looks great is just about any room and contrasts nicely with the brushed black hardware that is included.

Cube Murphy Cabinet Bed Finishes

Queen size design to comfortably fit two

The Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed is standard with a queen size mattress. Night and Day only makes this bed in a queen size because it provides the ideal cabinet size as well the ideal mattress size to comfortably sleep two. I can tell you right now, your guests will be thanking you for having the extra space with the queen over a full or dare I even say a twin.

Includes high-quality, tri-fold mattress

All cabinet beds, including the Murphy Cube come with a memory foam trifold mattress, because without the trifold, there would be no way to fit the mattress inside of the cabinet. One of the best features of the Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed is that it is fully self contained, meaning that the mattress, sheets, and pillows can all fit inside of the cabinet when closed.

The most common asked questions when is comes to cabinet beds is; “how comfortable is the mattress?”

The short answer to this is very comfortable. Night and Day uses the same mattress for all of their model, so when you purchase a cube, you are receiving the same mattress you would get when purchasing a $2,000 model! Every model they sell comes with the six inch gel infused memory foam mattress. Thats 4” of memory foam and 2” of cooling gel. The cooling gel is designed  to keep you and the mattress cool throughout the night.

I personally have slept in a Night & Day mattress and I must say, it blows any blow up mattress out of the water. I slept on one of these mattress for 4 straight nights when we took it with us camping, and not having to get up at 3 am to refill my mattress was one of the best parts of the trip.

Everyone always wants to know if you can feel the seems when sleeping on the bed. Not at all! When you have the sheets on the mattress, the 3 sections sit together so nicely and the memory foam molds around your body making it as if the crease is not even there.

The mattress includes 4” of memory foam and 2” of cooling gel. The cooling gel keeps the mattress cool throughout the night.

Murphy Cube 2 design for quicker assembly

Night & Day recently updated their Cube beds manufacturing process. The design change kept their top seller design the same but made assembly much easier. Instead of having customers have to assemble every little piece, they streamlined the process by preassembling smaller pieces.  As a result, you will be able to assemble the bed with just one person. Typically, the assembly takes 30-45 minutes.

You in no way need to be a handy man to assemble this bed. The directions are straight forward and easy to follow. The only tools needed are the Allen key that comes with the included hardware and a Phillips head screwdriver. (Mallet/hammer optional for tapping in wooden dowels)

Transforms Quickly

The bed takes anywhere from 25-40 seconds to transform from a “Cube” cabinet to a bed. Switching back and forth between the cabinet in the bed is as simple as removing the top and turning three latches. After converting the cabinet bed 1-2 times, you will be a pro.

Night and Day did a really nice job at making the conversion process simple and easy for anyone to quickly figure out. This way if your company needs to pull out the bed or you use the home as a rental, guests will surely be able to convert the bed without causing any damage to headaches!

Quick Bed Transformation

Beautiful Design

Many customers are purchasing cabinet beds over traditional murphy beds. Murphy beds are bulky and take over the look of the room. Cabinet beds are designed to blend in with the room and look like a beautiful piece of furniture. This inconspicuous design is why these beds have grown so much over the past 5 years in popularity. The Muphy Cube Cabinet Bed has four finishes that will work in any household or apartment.

No Overhead Compartment

One of the big advantages of the Cube over other cabinet beds is that the bed is open. With the Clover, Sagebrush, and Poppy collections you will have a piece of the bed over your head while you sleep. Some people do not like this as they feel like it is a cave. The Cube does not have this problem, with the top piece coming fully off of the bed.

Cube Murphy Bed vs. Comparable Beds

The Night & Day Cube is one of the most popular cabinet bed. It excellent price, stylish design, and quality hardwood construction are just a few of reasons why it is such a popular option, but how does it stack up against some of the other top selling beds on the market?

Arason Pekoe Queen Cabinet Bed

  • Ease of Use – The Cube is multiple different pieces. The top of the cabinet bed is removed to create the bed. With the Arason Pekoe Bed, this is not the case. The Arason Cabinet Bed is a single piece, with the front dropping down to create the bed. Just like with the Cube, the mattress sits inside of the cabinet and is easily removable when opening the cabinet to turn into a bed. The Arason Bed has a couple fewer steps in opening and closing the bed, giving it the slight advantage in “ease of use”.
  • Functionality – Both beds are beautiful pieces of furniture. Many of your guests will not recognize they are even beds until you open the cabinet for them. The Arason bed does have a couple advantages when it comes to functionality. First, a big portion of the top of the Arason Bed is stationary. This allows you to use the bed for pictures, decorations, plants, and even televisions. This is not possible with the Cube, as the top of the bed needs to come off to create the bed. Second, the Arason Bed comes with an underneath storage drawer. The underneath storage drawer is a perfect spot for guest’s clothes, sheets, and pillows.
  • Mattress – The two beds come with a 6-inch memory foam mattress. The big difference between the mattresses is that the Cube Murphy Bed comes is four inches of memory foam and two inches of gel. The gel keeps the mattress cool throughout the night.
  • Warranty – The Night & Day Cube is backed by a 10-year limited warranty. The Arason Pekoe Cabinet Bed only has a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Price – The Cube Murphy Cabinet Bed is priced around $700 cheaper than the Arason Bed.

Night & Day Clover Cabinet Bed

  • Ease of Use – The Clover and Cube Cabinet Beds are manufactured by the same company, Night & Day. Night and Day designed the Cube model to be a smaller height and less expensive. The Clover is similar to the Arason Bed in how it opens and closes. The Clover can set up as a bed within 30-45 seconds, while the Cube takes slightly longer.
  • Functionality – The Night & Day Clover has multiple features that are not included with the Cube. First, the Clover comes with an underneath storage drawer. The storage drawer is primarily used to store sheets and pillows when the bed is not in use. Second, the Clover has a built in USB module. This comes in handy when the bed is placed in front of an outlet. Third, the bed has optional fold-up trays. The fold-up trays do cost around $100 but act as a miniature nightstand.
  • Mattress – Both beds come with the same 6” memory foam gel mattress.
  • Warranty – The warranty for both beds is set at 10 years.
  • Price – The price of the Clover runs $700 more than the Cube. The Clover costs right around $2,000, while the Cube is at $1,300. However, if you are interested in the fold-up trays for the Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed, it will cost you another $100.

Atlantic Hamilton Murphy Bed

  • Ease of Use – The Atlantic Hamilton Murphy Bed Chest is like the Arason Bed in how it opens and closes. It is slightly easier to open and close than the Cube.
  • Functionality – Atlantic’s Hamilton Murphy Bed includes a USB port that allows for guests to charge their phones. Additionally, the bed includes a storage drawer. However, the storage drawer is small and will only fit some sheets and a couple pillows but is a nice feature to have when the bed is not in use.
  • Mattress – The mattress for the Atlantic Hamilton is similar to the mattress that comes with the Cube. They are both 6” memory foam mattresses that include the cooling gel.
  • Warranty – The Hamilton Murphy Bed only offers a 1-year warranty. Night & Day’s 10-year warranty on their cabinet beds is unmatched in the industry.
  • Price – Pricing on the Madison is a couple hundred dollars more than the Cube Murphy Bed.

Quick Comparison

Mattress Included Weight Price Warranty
Night & Day Cube Yes Yes $1,397 10 Year
Arason Pekoe Yes Yes $1,799 1 Year
Atlantic Madison Yes Yes $1,499 5 Year
Night & Day Clover Yes Yes $1,997 10 Year

Cube Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I be concerned about the folds in the mattress?

A: Customers ask this question a lot. You would think that the tri folds would be problematic when trying to sleep, but they are not noticeable in our opinion. Once you put the sheets on the mattress it is almost like they do not exist.

Q: Does the Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed have a USB module?

A: Unfortunately, the Cube model does not offer the USB module currently.

Q: Is there anywhere to store the sheets and pillows when the bed is shut?

A: Yes, there is about six inches of room between the mattress and the top of the bed when the bed is shut. You can use this area to store sheets and pillows. While not as convenient as an actual storage drawer, it still gets the job done.

Q: How heavy is the top piece that comes off to create the bed?

A: The top piece weighs around 20 pounds.

Q: What is the weight capacity? How does the weight capacity differ from other cabinet beds?

A: Night & Day recommends a 500-pound weight limit for the Cube. They also recommend that no one above 250 pounds use the bed. The 500-pound weight limit is standard across the industry.

Q: Is closing the bed difficult?

A: Closing the bed is just as easy as opening the bed! It is the same steps, just in reverse.

Moving & Assembly Questions

Q: Does the cabinet bed need to anchor to the wall like murphy beds?

A: No, the bed is meant to be a standalone piece of furniture. Anchoring beds to the wall can be problematic. It is time consuming or will cost you some money. Fortunately, you will not need to go through this exercise with any Night & Day Cabinet Beds.

Q: I will be moving. How difficult is it to move the bed?

A: You can easily move the bed without having to disassemble. The bed weighs 128 pounds and the mattress weighs 37 pounds. We recommend removing the mattress from the cabinet and moving it separate from the bed. This will make the bed lighter and easier to move with two adults. However, if you need to disassemble the bed, the process is quick and easy.

Q: How long will assembly take?

A: Assembly can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You can do the job with one person, although, a 2nd person may come in handy on certain steps of the build. Check out the video below for a full rundown of assembling the bed.

Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed Videos

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