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Top 5 Best Night & Day Cabinet Beds and Buying Guide

Each of Night & Day Cabinet Bed collection styles come with unique color and style options that make each collection unique. Looking for a guest bed option for a modern newly built home or a cabinet bed with a traditional style? Either way Night & Day provides cabinet bed collections to cater to each buyer’s individual style. 

Below, this article provides an overview of the best-selling Night & Day Cabinet Beds.

Top 5 Night & Day Cabinet Beds

1. Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed

Coming in first on the list, Night & Day’s Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed collection remains their most popular and uniquely designed bed collection. When closed, this cube cabinet bed appears as a beautiful piece of furniture to jazz up any room. With a few simple steps, in under 30 seconds, the Cube transforms into the perfect guest bed.

Cube Murphy Cabinet Bed Finishes

Night & Day’s Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed collection remains a best seller due to its overall affordability and versatility. Unlike traditional murphy wall beds that require a large amount of wall space, the murphy cube is a sturdy and moveable piece of furniture that can be incorporated into the furnishings of any room.

In addition to it’s affordable price range, the Cube model’s size makes it a bestseller! It is smaller when compared to other queen-sized murphy cabinet beds on the market. The Cube is available in four finishes which include dark chocolate, cherry, white, and stonewash.

2. Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

Despite Night & Day’s comprehensive cabinet bed offerings, their earliest model remains one of their most popular. This cabinet bed offers a higher sleep platform compared to Night & Days cube models. The clover collection offers a traditional wood design, with several attractive benefits. These benefits include an underneath storage drawer, USB charging ports, and a unique sleep enclosure.

The Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed remains a best seller due to its traditional style and durable hard-wood construction. The clover collection has all the best cabinet bed features wrapped up within a traditional appearance.

Night and Day Cherry Clover Cabinet Bed
Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed White

3. Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Poppy is a new addition to Night & Day Cabinet Beds collection. This collection features a brushed wood appearance, along with four distinctive color choices. Color choices include Poppy Skye (a whitewash with a skye blue tint), Blizzard (whitewash with a black/gray tint, Driftwood (a classic beach feel), and White Bark (a wood-grained brown).

The Poppy Cabinet Bed collection encompasses everything Night & Day has to offer. This collection has a free-standing storage drawer, perfect for storing linens and personal guest items. The stationary top panel can be used to display pictures or décor to make the piece of furniture blend into your home.

Night and Day Brushed Driftwood Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed

4. Sagebrush Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Sagebrush collection features contemporary lines and a modern style. This collection is Night & Day’s most updated collection, available in both a rich dark chocolate and sleek stonewash gray finish. Much like the poppy collection, the Sagebrush Cabinet Bed comes with features like a storage drawer, USB charging ports, and pop up side trays.

Sagebrush Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Sagebrush collection features contemporary lines and a modern style. This collection is Night & Day’s most updated collection, available in both a rich dark chocolate and sleek stonewash gray finish. Much like the poppy collection, the Sagebrush Cabinet Bed comes with features like a storage drawer, USB charging ports, and pop up side trays.

Daisy Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Daisy Cabinet Bed collection is Night & Day’s most rustic collection. Available in four color options, each bed features a unique whitewashed paneling style to catch the eye of your guests. This bed collection features the same USB charging ports, stationary top, pop-up side trays, and other features as Night & Day’s other collections, with the exception of the Cube and Clover collections.

Night & Day Cabinet Murphy Bed Buying Guide

With so many available Night & Day cabinet bed colors and styles to choose from, you may find yourself debating which option is best suited for your home and individual needs. In this buying guide, we compare and contrast some of Night & Day’s popular collections to help guide you in your cabinet bed selection.

While you cannot go wrong no matter which quality Night & Day bed you choose, we hope this buying guide will steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the cabinet bed best suited for your needs.

Night & Day Cube Murphy Bed vs. Other Collections

There are several clear advantages to purchasing a Night & Day Cube. Of course, for those on a budget, this is the most affordable option available. For the price, you’re getting a great deal as it includes the same standard warranty and queen-size memory foam mattress as Night & Day more expensive collections. The flexibility of the four-color options also makes this an attractive choice that does not limit buyers.

For buyers looking for a simple guest bed solution, the murphy cube is the clear answer as it is the most affordable Night & Day cabinet bed option available. The cube comes with the same 6-inch tri-fold queen-sized mattress as the more expensive Night & Day options, so you get the most bang for your buck.

Due to its compact size and affordability, there are several features that the cube lacks. They do not come with the underneath storage drawer as seen in Night & Day other cabinet bed selections or the side USB charging module. There are no side trays (for holding guests personal items when the bed is open) in this model.

We recommend considering frequency of usage when it comes to buying the cube. If you anticipate seldomly using your bed, this option is a great pick that will provide a suitable guest bed solution, when needed. If you anticipate using your bed more frequently, for different guests throughout the year, perhaps a bed from Night & Day’s larger collections would be more suitable for your needs.

One other consideration when choosing a Night & Day Cube Murphy Bed is it’s opening and closing process. To open the bed, the top must be lifted off and placed at the foot of the bed to become the basis of support for the mattress. While this is a quick process, it is comparatively slightly longer of an opening process than the Night & Day other cabinet beds. For those with physical limitations, such as elderly with back or neck conditions, you may find Night & Day other cabinet bed collections to be easier to open and close.

Night and Day Sagebrush Beds vs. Poppy Collection

The Sagebrush collection has been around for quite some time and remains a popular choice for those looking for a sleek or modern cabinet bed. This collection comes in two lustrous finishes: dark chocolate and stonewash. The simplistic design, with clean lines and silver colored handles is the perfect choice for buyers with a contemporary style.

In contrast, the Poppy collection offers a wider selection of available finishes, including Poppy Driftwood, White Bark, Skye, and Blizzard. As one of Night & Day newer cabinet bed collections, the Poppy collection provides a more seaside or coastal style. As such, this collection is an excellent choice for beach or vacation homes. Many customers enjoy the unique color selection provided by this collection.

Both the sagebrush collection and poppy collection come with USB side charging ports, side storage trays, a spacious underneath storage drawer, and many of the same attractive features. In terms of price point, the Poppy collection and Sagebrush collection are Night & Days most expensive cabinet bed lineups, respectively. The Sagebrush collection includes all of the same features as the Poppy collection, for about $100 less. The choice between these two bed collections really comes down to style and color preferences.  

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