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Cube Cabinet Bed

Cube Cabinet Bed vs other Night & Day Beds

Cube Cabinet Beds vs more Expensive Models

Night and Day offers six different cabinet bed collections including the Clover, Sagebrush, Alpine, Daisy, Sagebrush, and Cube. All the collections, while having their own unique designs, have the same functionalities except for the Cube collection.

The Cube collection debuted on the cabinet bed market a couple of years ago. It offers a cheaper alternative to the rest of Night and Day’s product line.

Should you save the money and buy the Cube? Or is it worth paying the extra money for a bed with more functionalities? Below we outline the differences so that you can make the best decision for you!

Opening/Closing the Bed

The first difference between the beds is how they open and close. While it is a fairly easy process for both types of beds, the Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed is slightly more difficult. There are a couple extra steps with the Cube that make it a little longer to open and close.

Once you have gotten use to opening and closing the beds, we have found that the Cube takes about 45 seconds to a minute to open. The more expensive Night & Day models take around 30 seconds. We recommend watching the videos that demonstrate how the beds open and close on the product pages.

USB Module

The USB module is a convenient feature that comes standard with all of the more expensive Night & Day models. The USB module makes it convenient for you or your guests to charge their phones, laptops, or other devices. You will not have to worry about placing the cabinet bed in front of an outlet. Unfortunately, this feature is not available with the Cube collection.

Storage Drawer

The more expensive Night and Day models, such as the Clover Murphy Bed, come equipped with a rolling storage drawer. The rolling storage drawer is the perfect place to store the comforter, sheets and pillows for the bed when it is not in use. Unlike, with some of the competition’s storage drawers,

Night & Day’s drawers do not attach to the rest of the bed. Instead, the drawers roll out and disconnect from the bed. This prevents any mechanical issues that other beds run into after a lot of use.

The Cube collection does not come with a storage drawer, however, there are about six inches of room between the mattress and the top of the bed when the Cube closes. This room allows you to store sheets or even stuff in pillows while the bed is not in use.

Fold-Up Trays

Not all of the more expensive models come standard with the fold-up trays. Most of them do, however, a few you need to add the fold-up trays as an option for an additional cost. The fold-up trays act as a mini nightstand. They have the space to hold a lamp, alarm clock, or can just be a convenient place to put down your phone.

This feature is not an option with the Cube collection. The Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed and Sagebrush Cabinet Bed are two examples of beds that come standard with the fold-up trays.

Stationary Shelf

One of the features customers love about the bigger Night and Day Cabinet Beds is that the back shelf of the bed does not move, even when the bed opens. This allows you to use the shelf for decorations, pictures, or even a TV.

The Cube Cabinet Bed does not have a stationary shelf. You can still put decorations or pictures on top of the Cube while the bed is not in use, however, you will need to remove them when converting into a bed.

"Cave Like Feeling"

While most customers largely view the stationary shelf as a positive, some customers believe it is a negative. The stationary shelf creates a cave like compartment of the bed where you would normally place your head to sleep.

Many are not bothered by this, however, there are a number of customers who find this to be a negative about the bed. The “cave” measures about 12” deep. You will not have this problem with the Cube Bed as it does not have a stationary panel. The top part of the Cube Bed comes fully off the bed while it is in use.

Dimensions of the Bed

There are two main differences between the beds when it comes to dimensions. The more expensive Night & Day models sit close to 5” taller than the Cube Collection when the bed is closed. The bed is also 3” longer than the Cubes when opened up.


The assembly for both beds is much different. Luckily, Night & Day has instructional videos on how to assemble all their beds. The instructional videos show every step of the process of building your new bed! Your new bed will also come with a printed version of the assembly instructions. The first time I put a Night & Day Bed together, I found that it was nice to use a combination of both the printed instructions and the video.


The Cube costs $600 less or more than the other Night & Day collections. The more expensive models are price anywhere from $2,000 to $2,200 depending on the collection.

Similarities Between the Cube and other Models


Every Night & Day Murphy Bed comes with the same 6” memory foam gel mattress. The memory foam mattress is firm and comfortable. It also features a 2” layer of cooling gel that keeps the mattress cool overnight.

Many mattresses will absorb the body heat of the people sleeping on them. The two inches of gel prevent the mattress from absorbing body heat. It is called a tri-fold mattress as it is foldable into three sections. This allows the mattress to easily store when the bed is closed.

Many customers worry that the tri-fold mattresses are uncomfortable for sleep. Fortunately, you cannot tell that the mattress has any folds once you put the sheets on the mattress.

Weight Capacity

Night & Day recommends a 500-pound weight capacity for all their beds. Personally, I believe that the bigger Night & Day Beds are sturdier than the Cube model. If you or your guests are going to exceed the 500-pound weight capacity, I would recommend looking at one of the more expensive models.

Free Standing

Night & Day Cabinet Beds are free standing. Old murphy beds anchor to the wall. Anchoring beds to the wall can be a hassle. Luckily, you will not have that issue with Night and Day beds. You can place the bed anywhere in the room. The bed will be easy to move if you decide to rearrange your furniture.


Each bed comes with a limited 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The 10-year warranty covers the frame of the bed. There is a separate 3-year limited warranty for the mattress.

Which Cabinet Bed Should You Choose?

The answer to this question really depends on how you plan on using the bed and where you will be placing it. If you are tucking it away in a room that is not often used then one of the Cube models would be a perfect fit. They are far less expensive, come with the same mattress, and have the same warranty. The Cube makes for a great place for guests to sleep without breaking the bank.

You should consider the more expensive models if you plan on utilizing the bed more often. For one, there are more color options available in the more expensive model. This allows you to get the perfect match for the room of your choice.

The features of the more expensive models should play a factor in your decision making as well. The USB module and underneath storage drawer are nice features that will make the sleeping arrangement more convenient for guests. The fold-up trays could save you some money by not having to purchase a nightstand to go along with the cabinet bed.

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