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Best Queen Cabinet Beds

Top 5 Best Queen Cabinet Beds

Night and Day Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed


Atlantic Nantucket Cabinet Bed


Night and Day Clover Cabinet Bed


Arason Essex Ash Cabinet Murphy Bed


Night and Day Poppy Skye Cabinet Bed


Cabinet beds are the perfect sleeping arrangement for guest rooms and multipurpose rooms. With many of us spending more time than ever before in our homes, many offices now double as guest rooms or other multipurpose rooms. Queen cabinet beds are increasing in popularity due to their amazing functionality, allowing people to save space and repurpose their floor space when the bed is not in use. Queen cabinet beds are the most popular size of cabinet beds. Let’s take a look at the top 5 queen cabinet beds:

1. Murphy Cube Queen Cabinet Bed

Unlike other Queen cabinet bed options, the Murphy Cube Queen Cabinet Bed is the best solution for small spaces. Not only is the Murphy Cube Queen Cabinet Bed popular due to its smaller design, it is also one of the most affordable Queen Cabinet Bed options available on the market. It’s impressive and affordable price includes the tri-fold memory foam mattress too, making it even better to buy! The Murphy Cube Queen Cabinet Bed is sure to impress both you and your guests.

Cherry Cube Cabinet Bed

Features of the Murphy Cube Queen Cabinet Bed:

  • Four finishes: stonewash, white, dark chocolate, and cherry
  • High-quality hardwood construction
  • Shallow sleep enclosure over head of the bed
  • Uses up less than 10 square feet of floor space

If you’re looking for the ultimate guest sleeping solution to maximize a tight room, the Murphy Cube Queen Cabinet Bed is your answer. Guests love how easy it is to transform this furniture piece into a place for a perfect night’s sleep. The shorter height of this cabinet bed when compared to other Queen cabinet beds makes it perfect to snug under a window.

2. Atlantic Nantucket Murphy Bed

The Nantucket Queen Cabinet Bed features a vertical paneling design, crafted with premium hardwood. This bed is available in several wood finishes, including a gray wood finish for a contemporary look. The Nantucket design features satin finished handles which add to the sleek appearance of this bed. This affordable sleeping arrangement includes both the bed and CoolSoft queen tri-fold mattress.

Features of the Atlantic Nantucket Queen Cabinet Bed:

  • Extra-large and spacious storage drawer
  • Unique Design
  • Mattress pull handles for easy opening and closing
  • Memory foam queen mattress included
  • White, grey, or espresso finishes
Atlantic Nantucket Murphy Bed

You can’t go wrong with an Atlantic Nantucket Queen Cabinet Bed. This fold up bed is easy to open and close by anyone, simply follow a few basic steps to convert this chest into a queen bed. The mattress folds up perfectly inside the cabinet when the bed is not in use. With three beautiful finishes to choose from, the Nantucket Queen Cabinet Bed is sure to integrate beautifully into your home.

3. Clover Queen Cabinet Bed

Night & Day’s Clover Queen Cabinet Bed has remained a top seller since the start. As one of the first cabinet beds created, this bed has consistently been perfected over the years. Customers love this option as opposed to standard wall beds, which require much more extensive installation. Even better, this cabinet bed is made to last.

Features of the Clover Queen Cabinet Bed:

  • Unique and classic wooden panel design
  • No wall attachments required
  • Included tri-fold memory queen sized mattress
  • Built in USB chargers on side

The tri-fold memory mattress on the Clover Queen Cabinet Bed can easily fold up within the cabinet in under 30 seconds. Your guests will be amazed to find a queen-sized bed hiding behind this beautiful cabinet. The underneath storage drawer makes use of every bit of extra space on this piece of furniture, allowing you to store bedding for your guests in the perfect place.

Dark Chocolate Clover Murphy Bed

4. Arason Essex Ash Cabinet Bed

Queen cabinet beds such as the Arason Essex Ash Queen Cabinet Bed offer a hidden sleeping solution without adding an eye sore to your room. The stationary top panel of this bed allows you to store decor and photos on top, even while the bed is open. The Essex Ash Queen Cabinet Bed has a classic wooden appearance that can assimilate into any style of room.

Features of the Arason Essex Ash Queen Cabinet Bed:
  • Included 6 inch tri-fold memory foam mattress
  • Stationary top surface to store décor
  • Solid wood framing
  • Underneath storage drawers, perfect for clothing or bedding
  • Two other beautiful finishes. Available in Ash, Black, and White.
Essex Ash Murphy Cabinet Bed

Customers love the Arason Essex Ash Queen Cabinet Bed because it is so versatile. The classic wooden ash finish will never go out of style! The functionality of this bed, which is not attached to the wall, allows you to comfortably move the furniture to another room if you move or rearrange your home.

5. Poppy Queen Cabinet Bed

The Poppy Skye Queen Cabinet Bed remains a top-pick due to its unique color scheme. The blue-green finish of the wood on this cabinet bed is unlike any other cabinet bed available. With a few simple steps, the Poppy Skye converts quickly from a beautiful cabinet to a queen-sized bed for your guests. This bed can hold up to 500 pounds, allowing you to comfortably sleep two guests in this bed.

Features of the Poppy Skye Queen Cabinet Bed:

  • Built in USB power modules for easy charging of your devices
  • Higher sleep platform to make getting in and out of bed easier
  • Large storage drawers
  • Side folding trays
  • Four beautiful finishes: Blizzard, Brushed Driftwood, Skye, and White Bark
Night and Day Poppy Skye Cabinet Bed

The fun and unique appearance, alongside it’s high-quality construction, keeps the Poppy Skye Queen Cabinet Bed a top pick. The faux cabinet appearance will have your guests mesmerized at how quickly it unfolds into the perfect guest bed solution. Features include the built in USB charging ports and side folding trays show Night & Day has thoughtfully designed this cabinet bed with the most sought-after features.


You can’t go wrong with any of these top 5 bestselling Queen Cabinet Beds. It is important to note that these cabinet bed collections may also come in other sizes, including twin or full size. All five of the aforementioned cabinet beds have unique designs and features, perfect for varying needs. Check out these amazing cabinet beds today!

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