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Benefits of a Platform Bed

Platform beds offer a timeless look that will seamlessly blend into any room. Unlike traditional bed frames, platform beds are lower to the ground to allow for easy access. Besides their stylish appearance, platform beds have so much more to offer that you might not have even considered!

No Boxspring Required

One of the main advantages that draw purchasers to platform beds is their easy use. Unlike some bed frames that require boxsprings, platform beds do not require a box spring. The solid foundation of the platform bed is enough to support the weight of your mattress.

If you’re in the market for a new bed, purchasing a platform bed means you’ll have one less thing to worry about. With no boxspring required, all you’ll need is your platform bed and a comfortable mattress.

Timeless Appearance

Trends come and go, but platform beds are here to stay. The modern appearance of platform beds never goes out of style, which means you’re making a great investment.

Although platform beds may be timeless, don’t confuse this for boring! Platform beds are available in plenty of sizes, finishes, and styles to meet every shopper’s tastes. If you’re looking for a bed that won’t go out off-trend in a few years, a platform bed is your answer.

Easy Setup

Another reason to love platform beds is their easy assembly process! Unlike traditional beds that have several components, platform beds are generally easier to put together. This is because they have fewer parts. Not only will setting up your new platform bed be a breeze, but they’re also easy to disassemble. This means one less thing to worry about during a stressful move!

Supportive Sleep

The durable construction of a platform bed makes for exceptional sleep! Platform beds offer a sturdy, leveled surface which means no creaking or strange noises in the middle of the night. If you frequently roll or move during your sleep, a platform bed is for you. Platform beds are one of the sturdiest types of beds on the market.

Lower to the Ground

Platform beds are lower to the ground than traditional bed frames. For individuals with specific mobility concerns or health issues, this can be helpful for safe sleeping. For example, individuals at an increased risk for falls may prefer the security and sturdiness of a platform bed.